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  • Hi all,

    My dream game to make falls in CCG (collectible card game) TCG (tradable card game) DCG (digital card game) genre, so I made a lot of research to get impression on how to get things done. Honestly, I haven't played a lot in this genre because I found C2 (gladly!!) when I'm still new to the genre and decided to learn game making and make my own game in this genre (still a long way to go though, hopefully I will see the light at the end though ).

    I love the aspect of building unique strategy, and this genre seems to be the best at giving impression to players that it is not a "Pay to Win" kind of game, since the developer can avoid designing biased characters/card and let their players build/design "Built to Win" decks through strategies/combo of their own. However, if I chose not to go into "Pay to Win" concept, I definitely need something different (suggest me idea please! ) like "Pay to Collect".

    I know there are people out there who loves to collect cards and build a very unique deck/strategies instead of copying winning decks. It's just a different kind of fun .

    Below is the outline of concept that I can think of now:

      Pay to Collect : Target: People who loves to collect quickly, or simply people that are comfortable having wide range of option at his disposal to build his own strategy. Play to Collect : Target: Free player, which I believe will make most of the playerbase, the more they play, the more they collect. Build to Win: This concept avoid the necessity of relying on rares to get the advantage in play, which most CCG do these days, I can see a lot of frustration in getting rares, I don't really want to frustrate player who lacks or doesn't have rares. My ideal is, rares are supposed to offer different kind of advantage, such as opposing players are very unfamiliar with it (because it's rare to see), so the opposing player will have hard time guessing how it's going to be used or how it's being combo with. Pay to Bid: Target Collectors: This is a concept in which anybody can put their cards into auction, however to bid, you need the currency that was bought using real money (example: gem), then once the deal is done, the auctioneer will receive in-game currency (example: gold) instead of gem, by using simple conversion rate gem:gold = 1:1.


    If you are a fan of CCG, what kind of concept you prefer to see and most likely a win-win situation for developer, paying player and free players? Your thoughts on CCG?

  • They need an awful lot of development, not just for strategies, but for artwork as well. Hearthstone has me kinda spoiled atm.

    I find myself wanting to make something similar, but dat character development....eeeek.

  • They need an awful lot of development, not just for strategies, but for artwork as well. Hearthstone has me kinda spoiled atm.

    I find myself wanting to makes something similar, but dat character development....eeeek.

    Yeah agree with the AWFUL LOT OF DEVELOPMENT lol. I got nearly 1000 events in my project now,only got a deck builder prototype and and only able to do only a basic attack in game (omg!!). AWFUL lot of array techniques though!

    As far as character development and artworks, even though I'm more an designer/artist than a coder, yeah this will consume more time if I wanna go solo at everything, no budget to hire people though .

    I think it will be like 2-3 months from now before i get a working prototype, after that I will open up a thread to get the community to help me on character development lol.

  • i would prefer free to play card game.

    to buy new booster packs, you will need to play a lot to gain virtual coins.

    (increasing the number of people playing your game at any time, making it more "popular"'

    and have a more active playerbase so your players can find opponent to challenge any time.)

    to create your dream deck, you basically have to grind for months...

    now this is where the cashers come from, they can just pay real money to gain virtual coins and

    immediately make their ultimate best deck which kills the fun of game as they dun need to grind

    but usually cashers dun really sweat about this stuffs....they will find some other games to grind or donate...

    then after the free to play players have grinded their almost complete deck, you release a new update,

    forcing them to play a few months to get their hands of all the cool new cards.

    though this is what looks like most online card game.

    p.s. i also like to make a card game, battling with AI though.

    but its too complicated for me, it would great if you can share some of your codes with me or everyone.

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  • p.s. i also like to make a card game, battling with AI though.

    but its too complicated for me, it would great if you can share some of your codes with me or everyone.

    I'm still far from getting it into a working prototype, a lot of things still not incorporated. Creating AI will be a super daunting task, so currently I'm not planning on doing that, I just focus on the multiplayer element in the next 2-3 months.

    As far as sharing my codes is concern, personally I think it is not a good idea, because this is how you retain your gameplay originality. But the foundation to build a game in this genre, there are enough tutorial to get you started, it's a lot of tutorial involve I tell you, some of the capx provided in the tutorial is usable as is with minor alteration to your need. Try to look hard as I did, as I started with zero knowledge of coding, I bet anybody can do it if they put enough effort in learning.

    It's a matter of how you use those tutorial to your advantage and get married with the manual. I will make some useful list of the tutorial once I get the prototype to be working, maybe start a devlog, in 2-3 months. So far yet so extremely far lol.

  • I love card games, and prefer the Free-to-play model (Play-to-Collect) one.. and if I make a card game I want it to be like that (I have Ideas for a very simple one (you know how hard a simple card game can be))..

    I'm sure you can do it!!

  • I love card games, and prefer the Free-to-play model (Play-to-Collect) one

    I was like that initially too (love free things) before jumped in to be a developer myself. I think most hobbyist like me think that all existing CCG developer have this hunger for money, in the end I realize how expensive it could be to maintain the survivability of the CCG, not to mention the survivability of the developer himself, somebody gotta pay the server and bandwidth.

    My expectation for playerbase is, 90-95% are pure free players, though this is what I see from several Free-to-play CCG I have researched. Even with that percentage, It seem to be enough to sustain their life, which looks like a good genre to live with.

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