The biggest game in the world?

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  • Hey guys!

    I'm (actually we're - a small indie group) in the process of making a quite original (I think) platform acrade game. The engine is almost done and we have some levels as well. Our supreme goal is to make it the biggest game in the world, and to be more precise, a platform-arcade game with the biggest amount of levels.

    The point is that we're not sure what score do we have to beat? It's hard to find such info in the Internet, so I thought I'll ask you for help.

    Can you guys post games (titles) with the biggest amount of levels you know? That would help a lot! Cheers!

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  • Thats kind of moot if you consider there are games with procedural levels.

  • Yes obviously. There are open worlds and proceduraly generated levels in games, but it's about self made/designed levels. Procedural levels can't guarantee the good and attractive gamplay.

    So I'm talking about levels prepared by human, like in Angry birds etc.

  • I'm just saying the biggest is kind of pointless, especially with things like Mario Maker which might go into the thousands.

    In other words, it's not that great of a selling point.

    Speaking of Mario Maker, a lot of hand made levels doesn't guarantee attractive gameplay either.

    Super Meat Boy had freakishly hard levels with gore, while Braid had time rewind, and stuff like that.

  • Well some games also have quite a number of levels but are still quite short, like bubble bobble which has 200 levels on the master system (even though it is more about 100 which are repeated), others like gauntlet (not the same genre) are not meant to be beaten it seems, just to see how far you can go (and it does not have random level creation, it just picks them at random, 512 if we believe the box of the master system version).

    Kid chameleon has 103 levels according to and might be more of what you are looking for.

  • I've made some research and asked people on FB. So far the top two titles I found are: N++ with 2360 handmade levels and Candy Crush with over 2590 levels.

    Beating this score would be really hard. It's not our main goal to make it the biggest but a supreme one (in a meaning - it would be awesome to be able to say that). Anyway the research itself is fun

  • Pacman has a lot of levels and was meant to go on forever.

  • Good luck making the most levels in a platform game, it could get EXTREMELY monotonous and nobody will ever play most of them anyway.

    quality over quantity

  • Yeah, well we actually already changed the approach since it's not measurable anyway. So this topic may be considered closed

  • some kind of idle games, such as clicker heroes or zombidle

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