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  • Hi boys and girls.

    I haven't found any good tools for a while now, but it's nice to see some of the contributions from our members still coming in almost daily.

    I have discovered though, a nice piece of free software, that makes creating awesome flowcharts nice and painless. It has many different graphical panes which are fully customizable. You can also "auto arrange" your chart at the press of a button, in a variety of formats. It's all drag & drop, and pretty easy to use and master. You can save in the native format of yEd for future edits, but you can also easily export the chart to a picture format such as jpg, png, or bmp.

    You can get it here: yEd Graph Editor

    And you can use it to make super awesome flowcharts, like mine:

    Flowchart From Hell

    Hopefully this will help some of you in your planning stages, especially for super complex stuff like in my example for our upcoming release "Dead Awakening".

    Have fun!


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  • There's a cool ipone app like this i use called idea sketch :)

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