What's the best Ad Network for mobile platforms?

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  • Hey guys,

    Haven't posted in here in a while. Been busy with a lot of other stuff going on. I've decided to take a break from my big major project ZombieTwitch and work on some smaller, easier projects. Recently, I just came up with a great idea for a mobile game (which I'm not going to spoil out here for someone else to take ) and I wanted to place some ads in to make some revenue.

    I've never made a mobile game (or really any game, not released anyways) and I know very little about "ad networks". I've worked on YouTube for a while with my own channels, and I've been using Zoomin.TV as my network for a few years now. With Zoomin, basically, they take 30% of your revenue, and then give you music to use in your videos, sponsorships, and then get you ads from bigger and better companies and people. Do ad networks work the same way? They supply you with ads to run on your game and then they take X% before they hand you your paycheck?

    I was thinking of going with AdMob, but I heard that you get an extremely low eCPM and that support is basically impossible to reach. I was also looking at Adfonic, which has pretty good fill rates, but I've also heard is impossible to get someone on the line for support. If anyone has worked with an ad network in the past, or has a good recommendation for me, let me know.

    I'm targetting mainly Android on this game, and I'm hoping not to be spending anything when working with the network. Also, if they can pay you via PayPal like Zoomin does, that'd be a big plus in my eyes.

    Thanks, your main man,


  • For mobile platforms you can check out https://www.appnext.com/, it's android/ois oriented and game/app focused

  • appodeal

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  • I would say ChartBoost is a really good one.

  • Ready..... super pitchy post in 3, 2, 1......

    All ad networks have their ups and downs. They'll have a good campaign, then it will end, then later they'll get another, and so on. It's best to have multiple networks and mediate them. That way you get the benefit of the ups, and can mitigate the downs.

    What is the best? That is a question that is always asked but can never really be answered. But now you CAN try out these different networks without wasting valuable time and resources.

    Using Enhance, you can now integrate all of the services that providers offer without ever having to touch an SDK again. With little to NO coding at all and without touching source code, Enhance® is the easiest way to integrate 3rd party services into your project or to keep them up to date. (Ads, Mediation, Analytics, Attribution, Crash Reporting and more) No more SDK integration!!!

    Gone are the days of spending hours or even days implementing and updating SDKs. How does a few clicks and a few minutes sound? Well, follow the link for more information on how to get started with Enhance® : goo.gl/CxUoRq

  • Well I highly recommend Google, because there are so many ads and probably pay well, however, there is some complicated verification process, whether it requires your tax information, your address, or your ID, but mostly it requires your address to be verified just by sending mail with a pin code for you to enter in the Adsense website, it took only 4 weeks for me to get my pin code, for you it's probably 2 weeks. But if you don't like the address verification process, you could send your ID and Google will review your ID.

  • Honestly, there is no "best" ad network. Why? Well because each game is different.

    Depending on the app's design some ad formats may work, some others not. And depending on the geo, each format brings different results.

    Also, for some ad networks, there is a minimum amount of impressions needed for them to "activate" and work, let's say 10k. So for developers who are starting that's something to keep in mind.

    The best you can do is:

    1. Think carefully about how you want to monetize and think about a strategy that includes different ad formats (banners + videos at the end of each session).

    2. Use mediation so you can get the highest paying bid for each impression. Mediation integrates several ad networks at the same time and makes them compete in real time.

    3. Make sure your mediation platform displays metrics, and keep an eye on them to make adjustments in you in-app ads.

    Why don't you try Appodeal? They have this performance index you can check for more insights on the performance of different ad formats and regions.

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