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  • hi, I'm in the process of redesigning my website with Adobe Muse (I probably need to find a better web program).

    I want to add a devlog to the site.. or an external link to one.

    Does anyone know of a good devlog tool that's pretty easy to use? I want to be able to update it often.

    recommendations are appreciated! thanks!

  • Why not just use Wordpress?

  • Fengist thanks, I'm not at all familiar with wordpress but just a quick search and it looks pretty good.

    is there a specific plugin I should use for a devlog?

  • seems like Wordpress is good.. but crazy unintuitive...terrible ux, I can't even figure out how to add an image or a background image... I make a bunch of changes, hit publish and nothing happens..

    tutorial videos I watch are either out of date and things look different or they are implementing an online store or some theme I don't want..

  • Originally it was designed for blogging. Since, it's evolved into something much, much larger. If it's a bit overwhelming, take a look at other content management systems (cms) like Joomla or Drupal. For what you're wanting to do, a CMS is probably the right direction.

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  • yeah I would not recommend wordpress. It's awful. The menu system is completely hair-brained. I've been working on it for over 5 hours now, all I have is a title and some menu items. The only good part is you can hit Publish and if it's integrated by your host it updates immediately. So I think once it's done it will be quick to update.

    Adobe Muse was so easy, it's too bad they dumped it.

  • WordPress is categorically the most powerful CMS, it sounds like what you want is a WYSIWYG editor that sits on top of WordPress; there are literally hundreds to choose from, but the popular ones are:





    If you know PHP/HTML/CSS, building your own theme will be better. However there are quasi WYSIWYG editors that are more code focused like Pinegrow and Oxygen.

  • There's also a way to turn on the classic editor from within Wordpress. That new Gutenberg editor is a piece of non-intuitive junk. It works, but only if you don't know what a real editor is supposed to do.

  • Just thinking about it, there may be another option you want to explore. I'm currently working with an old php script called fusion news.


    Three things attract me to this old program.

    1. A WYSIWYG editor.

    2. The ability to display formatted news by calling a single php file.

    3. I've integrated it into a C3 project whereby with an Ajax call, it displays the news inside C3.

    It may take some work with php and html to get it the way you want, but in theory, it can display the same news on both a website and inside a Construct project.

  • Elliott

    WordPress is categorically the most powerful CMS

    I'm sure it's powerful, but its one of the worst laid out applications I have ever used.

    The fact that they have all these strange ways to edit things from Dashboard/Customize/Elementor. How you get between these and how they effect the final product is extremely difficult to see.

    For example I made a Homepage and a DevLog. I made the logo extend down beyond the header and on the devlog page (posts page) the blog entries start up too high so the logo overlaps them. And the layout of the posts page is just dreadful. I've literally been working on how to fix that for at least 4 hours. And I still don't know how to do it! The whole header bar is kind of a nightmare to get it to look right. Any tool that takes multiple hours to adjust a layout or colors etc is not one I want to use!

    but yes a wysiwyg editor is what Muse was. It's simple, it's fast.

    Thanks, I will check out those editor.. I was using Elementor, then it broke and would not load certain pages.

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