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  • ok as we see there is a solid behaviour but there isn't gas behaviour or water behaviour ? why????

    ok many games will need these things since they are useful.

    for example the best free app in apple store,android is where's my water?

    ok the behaviour that im asking for it! we put a sprite (just color) and when we put this behaviour on it , this color will be like a water so if the sprite was red then it will be red water, or black-silver it will be black-silver water like this!

    the gas will be the same as water behaviour but we change the gravity and the speed of it ...

    i hope someone work in this as soon as he/she can!

    just an idea i would like to see it in scirra^^

  • The Solid behavior has nothing to do with the three states of matter, it's just a flag that tells Construct that other objects shouldn't be able to pass through it.

    Play with the sprite's Effect and Opacity. It shouldn't be hard to get a filter-like look. And as for changing the gravity and speed, you can do that. Use an event that checks if the player and the gas overlap.

    Construct doesn't make the games for you, it just makes it easier for you to make them. You have all the tools you need to do what you want. You just need to think creatively.

  • hmmm ill try it out , but by the way im asking if they could do that and about events i knew all these but this behaviour will makes it easier to do it ^^

  • It doesn't make it really that easier. It's one less event on the list, but you'd have to specify all the values anyway.

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  • i agree for the water behaviour

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