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  • So I've been reading through posts on using virtual machines for development and testing purposes. Right now I'm trying my hand at Virtual Box (because it's free) but it's really hindering performance with anything using WebGL effects (I'm using the newest iteration of the Macbook Pro 15", with an i7 and the Intel Iris graphics). I ramped the graphics up to the max in the settings and enabled 2d and 3d hardware acceleration. Additionally, the virtual machine is using 2GB of RAM. Has anyone had a similar issues and been able to fix them?

    I've heard that you can adjust virtual RAM and processor speeds in VMWare; is this the case? Does anyone here recommend VMware or should I look into something different?

    As a random aside - I saw that CandyFace was talking about testing Construct 2 in wine - kudos to you! If that ever gets working I'd love to jump on that bandwagon.

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