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  • If you are just looking for a background image you can try this out "Universe Image Creator"


    I use this and it works very well. Its been around for a long time.

    You can create REALISTIC images of space in just minutes. Create Nebula, Gas Clouds, Stars, Galaxies, Planets, and More....

  • What is the license like? Can creations be used in commercial games?

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  • What is the license like? Can creations be used in commercial games?


    Which objects are available in the shareware release of

    Universe Image Creator?


    All of our products are shareware. Some of the elements are

    enabled and available to use as long as you like.

    These FREE elements are: UIC Standalone v1.63's Star Field,

    Cluster, Nebula, Star, and Insterstellar Gas;

    For the UIC Plugins, the FREE filters are: Stars, Textured

    Stars, and Nebula.

    The remaining features are either disabled (UIC Stand Alone

    v1.63) or will display a "Register at Diard Software"

    watermark on your image until your copy has been registered.

    As far as I can tell once you register your copy you are free to do as you like. I did not see anything else for commercial / noncommercial uses.

  • Neato! I like spacey-things. I might make some nice wallpapers or something with this


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