Universal cross-platform leaderboards?

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  • Been searching this for some time but haven't found perfect solution yet.

    I would like to have universal cross-platform scoreboard for my game, which could give out top 10 scores, position of current player record and preferably could also tell which device and/or OS was used.

    Any suggestions?

    For now it seems that this is most suitable option, but still lacks some of the wanted features:

    link was removed, seems that I cant post urls yet.

    GameJolt API plugin was the intented target

  • I've been casually looking for an easy solution as well. I haven't found one. I've grown less fond of Clay.io because of the gentleman's lack of response. I've also not gotten that plug-in to work with Windows 8 after a few days of troubleshooting.

    If you're looking to do Windows 8, look into Azure plugin with the basic Azure mobile service. Otherwise you may have to do the grunt work and set up a SQL database on a hosted server, create the server side bridges, and make JSON calls from the game. I think that's the route I'm going to go at some point. I'm just debating between using Azure, setting up a home server with DDNS, or finding another hosting service. GoDaddy sucks for JSON and PHP stuff.

  • Clay.io was one of them I thought was worth of evaluating.

    Since being working with following tools lately Azure and MS SQL over odata rest api would be way I would implement it.

    Scoreboard it self is a simple thing to do with Json calls. But how will recognize users maybe some ACL with different oauth trusts would do the trick. Just dont have time to do that since my all the free time I can spare. So instead of rolling out my own Im going to look for plugin that just works. The logic is quite simple so I quite sure that someone, somewhere has implemented it already.

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  • If you find something then please post it up. I'm sure more people would find it to be useful information.

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