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  • Hey everyone! I've been working on my game and we have been working with tall sprites and some various packs for tiles here and there. One of the things that seemed to be lacking was a character generator that had a bunch of flexibility for assembling anything that had different sized images, or a lot of layers such as:

    • Tall/short sprites
    • Sprite animations or sprite sheets that were non-typical frame counts
    • Different sized faces, busts or full body art
    • Characters that you wanted more layers for (2 accessories and 4 tattoos, etc)

    GIMP and Photoshop are available, but they take forever to work with and are somewhat clunky if you are trying to do stuff quickly as an end user and not a native artist type. So, I decided to make a tool for the job. It's been approved for release on Steam, and I will also probably release it on Itch.io as well, eventually. Here is the link to the Steam Page for it -


    Here's a list of the features it has:


    Assemble any image files in layers, reposition them, add color effects and save as single file!

    This light-weight program allows you to add an unlimited number of layers on any sized canvas - perfect for developers looking to do assembly and recolors of packs of assets, sprites, faces, tiles, or anything else you'd like to edit!

    For each layer, you pick a folder that has picture files in it, then use the interface to cycle through to mix and match. Each layer also includes:

    • Pixel by Pixel movement, to make sure placement is EXACTLY correct!
    • Hue shifts to change colors without affecting white, black, or gray - perfect for working with images that have neutrals or outlines.
    • Alpha adjustment so you can adjust transparency of each layer, creating more opportunity for creative layering and effects.
    • Standard Saturation/Gamma/Contrast adjustments so you can get your colorings JUST right!
    • Red/Green/Blue balance adjustments so you can adjust those neutrals if you want, or just get the exact colors you need.
    • Ready to mix it up? Randomize button for each layer to inspire creative mixes.
    • Don't like how something looks? Clear the layer completely without destroying your work so far!

    Since this program is browser based, its FAST! No laggy image editing programs, just a quick, responsive program that helps you make edits quickly and easily. No more waiting 5 - 10 minutes for your image editor to load.

    This tool is in continuous development, so new features will be added over time.


    I hope some of you find it helpful for working with different images to recolor, adjust and do some quick editing work on the fly!

  • it sounds like it generates characters for my game, but its actually only helping to assemble them? so you already need your own art?

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  • Yep, you need your own art. It makes it easy to turn a few assets into many, but you need the base assets to work from.

    I have been working with an artist for a while, and we might do some DLC's for character packs, if enough people are interested in a whole package like that.

    This was more made so you don't have to open up photoshop or GIMP and edit a bunch of assets in a pack that you already have to have 2 tree colors, or 3 hair colors, etc.

  • but you also need the art that goes on top of the base assets... I'm not sure I totally understand what your program does? is it just a recolor?

  • Yeah, some packs come in layers to sort of paper doll build your assets - switch out hair, switch out clothing, change leaves on a tree but keep the same trunk, etc. This allows you to build things a lot easier than doing it in Photoshop or in an image editing program, plus you can recolor, move stuff around easily, etc.

    Like I mentioned in the original post, I'm not the most art savvy person, and a lot of people that buy asset packs don't wanna do that stuff. This makes it super fast and easy to do on the fly edits and rebuilds if you have assets like that.

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