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  • Hi scirrans,

    here is a set of two chiptunes. They were made with explicit restrictions:

    • only basic waveforms (sine, saw, square) and noise
    • no filters (that was a tough one^^)
    • only 4 note tracks
    • monophonic per track
    • loopable

    Both are available as clean and produced (effects, mastering) versions, 320kbit mp3. Transcoding on soundcloud produced horrible artefacts, that aren't present in the mp3s.

    If you want to use them, just give credit to me together with a link to

    Here is the link to the set: Chiptunes

  • Nice work Tulamide,

    I have been listening to NES soundtracks lately, these are really good quality.

    CT 01 would be great for a retro scifi strategy game. Or a night stage.

    When I listen to CT 02 I can imagine starting off a level in darkness, bit of mystery maybe in a cave of some sort. Then at 28 seconds out steps a very Kirby like character into the light. Its a great track.

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  • Thank you very much <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Love the 02, so carefree & peaceful sounding!

    I like 01 too, it feels different, but I'm unsure of what story it's trying to tell me.

  • Yeah i like it sounds very good like in Old Nes Pegasus games.

    Maybe you should create sound effects? crash, hit, steps etc.

  • Rory - I know what you mean. After listening to 01 again today Im thinking it would be perfect for one of those games where you have to connect up the water pipes before the water flow reaches the end.

    Its amazing that you can get so much inspiration from listening to music.

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