Tweening Two Images in Spriter

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  • Hey all.

    I've been looking into buying Spriter Pro, for both vector art, and pixel art animation. Does anyone here have experience with the software and, wondering if someone can answer pretty basic questions.

    Is it possible combine two animations easily? Say if I have an animation of the character running, and an animation of the character shooting. Can you combine the two to create a running & shooting animation easily? Would it be easier to just create a new animation from the running animation?

    I guess you could even copy the bottom half of one animation, and the top half of the other to create a running & shooting animation. As you basically need the legs to run, but have the upper part of the body shooting.

    So, overall I guess there would be a few ways of going about it. Also anyone who has used it, how difficult is the learning curve? I have some animation knowledge, and have done a bit of pixel art, and pixel animations. Now I'm mainly working with art made in spriter, but created by other artists, then exported into sprite sheets, and animation frames.

  • Consider posting your question in the forums of Spriter directly.

    They likely will have informations about their own product and their users might give you a return of experience.

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  • Right on. Good looking out, and good thinking. That would be the appropriate place. I didn't realize they had their own community. Thanks!

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