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  • Treble is a collection of totally free music and soundscape loops. The goal is to provide game developers with music they can shorten, extend or remix if needed.

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    The collection is a bit different from other music and loop collections in that the MuLab project files are included. They function as templates to let you create similar sounds and they're built for use with That highlights another distinctive. These loops are all created using, a free and open source, generative music project.

    The loops are mixed/mastered in the free version of MuLab. The project files adhere to the free version limit of 4 tracks. For the most part, MuLab's free version is all that's needed to use them. In some cases, external free plugins will be used.

    This is an ongoing project, more loops will be added. Feel free to ask any questions. I'll do my best to respond asap.

    Treble project:

    YouTube playlist:

    More about MuLab:


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  • A bunch of new tracks have been added. The YouTube playlist is probably the easiest way to see them all.

    These releases should help to see the scope of the project, to provide as many styles of music as possible for the widest use in games or similar projects.

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    "Magic Maker" can work great for light-hearted, magic themed games.

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    "Lava Bubbles" is reminiscent of lava soundscapes in Super Mario. Made for light-hearted platformers.

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    "80s Investigator" is straight out the 80s, for games like GTA Vice City or 80s-themed point-and-click adventures.

    Just to clarify, the rendered WAV versions of these loops are all posted in the Wave folder here:

    It's in Wave format so there's no quality loss. The freeware Ocenaudio or Audacity can be used to easily convert to MP3 if needed.

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