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  • hey guys ,

    first of all i posted it here too , because many of users here are developpers , and it's something for developpers like me and i need developpers suggestion too.

    Few weeks ago I've got an idea to create a prototype of a 2d sprite generator that will generate unlimited resources for your 2d game project, as a developer, I know the feeling of not being able to create or draw your own resources and you have to pay a lot of money, the idea comes from that feeling, I did create a good eco-system for the prototype but with poor graphics and resources that I found on the internet.

    So I presented the prototype to a company and they did accept to help me on this project and develop its potential by hiring Artists and Developers. so today I present to you the first testable Alpha-Version (The prototype that I made by myself), and I want you to give me advices, or report problems or if you have any extra ideas, so that after a few months we can produce a good product for users that need resources to make there own games without spending a big amount of money (Believe me the final product will be drastically cheap (I insisted on that and only construct 2 community know this))

    Thank you

    you can test the prototype for free on this website :

    http://2dspritor.com/ you have to signup to be able to test it , hope you like the concept of 2dSpritor and i hope we can provide you an Epic and Usefull tool

    check out this demo video :
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    and finally here is the official text

    2D Spritor: Main overview and services

    2D Spritor is a software / application that able user to create and generate graphics resources in 2D (Characters / Creatures / Animals / Decors / etc.).

    We have launched an Open-Alpha version based on character generator because it is the most requested resource in gaming area (that is the main issue for 2D sprite).

    The Alpha version makes you able to create different type of characters (Human, Male, Female / goblin / elf / etc.)

    2D Spritor allows you to change the look of your character then make some animations (movement, rotation, actions, etc.). The all-purpose of our application is to generate sequences of images, which will be integrated in 2D game creation software like: Unity, Unreal Engine, Construct 2 and others .

    Detailed process:

    First the user selects some general parameters (shooting and visual appearance)

    Sprite style: Classic or the isometric or the Top-Down

    Scale: The Sprite’s size

    Pixel art: It can be enabled or disabled in order to add pixilation effect on the sprite. If Users activated it, then they’ll be able to change the value of pixilation (ie sharpness)

    Characters settings

    Gender: select the sex of the character (Male/Female/Androgynous)

    Skins: change skin color of the character. In addition of predefined colors (Black, white, north African’s, Asian’s, etc.), a customization tool is available to create unique skin colors.

    Predefined-Classes: The application has already configured few classes (Goblin, Human, Zombie, etc.) in order to let the user moves faster while creating and customizing his character.

    Face setting Tab: There are over 100 editable parameters to customize characters faces (up to the most precise details).

    Body configuration: There are over 60 adjustable parameters (size, build, muscles).

    Animation Tab: User will be able to choose the moves that he wants to export. (Movement of arm, legs, head, etc.)

    Finally the user will export his Sprite.

    Upcoming Feature.

    • Clothes

    • Hair

    • Scars and Tattoo

    • Transportable objects such as weapons, shields, etc.

    • Export

    • Cartoon Style

    • Custom Animation

    • Texture Tie

    • Etc....

  • check out this demo video :

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  • Looks like the ugly cousin of daz studio or poser - somehow finding it's way to the wrong forum section

  • Wow great work mate! This will be an amazing piece of work. You should consider making an option which allows to load .obj files.

    May I ask what language you used to make the software ?

  • blurymind , it's a prototype , it's not meant to be good looking and it's a 2D tool , you can exporte the animation

    X3M thanks first of all and I used Unity + C# and the Model comes from MCS morph3d , and yes in the release version you can import any 3d model and create 2d sprites from it , it can be Isometric , Oblique , Top-down and even custom camera

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  • Uh, I'm looking forward to clothes and weapons, that will be awesome!

    Great work so far!

  • It is not an addon

  • Moved to an appropriate forum.

    Good luck, consider keeping all posts about the project in here and updating the first post as time go by.

  • great tool man, need to add it to my C2 external tools! Your awesome!

  • thanks

  • thank you this is a wonderful tool keep me posted on the updates

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