[Tip] Using snippets in Construct 2

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  • Here is my example of reusing events in C2 using a combination of Ditto + AutoHotKey

    This is not the best approach... but can be a time saver .

    This method saves the content of clipboard to disk using Ditto clipboard manager and automatically loads that content back to clipboard when needed just by using a script in AutoHotKey (needed to run in background). You can save as many snippets as you like.

    Sorry about the wrong spelling an the bad video quality... but here is the script used in this video. replace the file path to match your file location

    ::snip movetolayer::

    run "d:\3---salvari\6---Construct_2\_snipets\ditto clips\movetolayer.dto"

    [EDIT] make sure objects, behaviours and plugins are beforehand loaded in C2. In my case "function" plugin need to be loaded first.

  • Very cool!

    Thanks Cipriux

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  • Been needing something like the Ditto clipboard app, thanks.

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