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  • Hi guys.

    I need to create an animation where a sprite tilts around its x axis.

    Imagine a book standing up words on your desk, and then touching the top of the book with your finger, so it tilts backwards and lays flat on the desk.

    The x axis is the surface of the desk.

    This sort of 3d backwords tilting, is what I would like to create for a sprite. I am a developer not a designer, so I was looking for a tool that could take a png and then tilt it and export the animations as png files. Thought that would be easy, but this 3d like animation, is not something I have found a good solution for.

    Does any of you know of a tool that can do this? tilt an image around the x axis?

  • Hi Are you wanting to do this dynamically or could you work with prepared animations?

  • I prefer to do it with prepared animation. This is the only animation my sprite is going to have. So I prefer to have prepared animation for this.

    And I thought it would be easy to find a graphics tool that could do this simple kind of animation. I do not need a 3d rendering, and realistic output.

  • You might find this thread useful Let us know if that doesn't get you there.

  • It is not managing the animation in construct 2 that I have a problem with. It is creating the animation.

    I have not found a good tool to animate a sprite around the x-asis, because that is a 3D animation. I use spriter to animate in the x and y directions, but around x (which is really z direction) like a tilting book.

    And since I am not a graphical designer, but a developer, I would like to find a solution that is just as easy as spriter.

  • nope. you've got it wrong. if you want to do 3Dish look, you need to rotate around Y. because in 2D you have x and y only.

    how do you do that you say? buy Maya / 3DS - create a 3D model, then render in 40-50 (or howmuch) frames you want your character in circular motion. then export these frames as pngs, import as animation, and voila - 3Dish animation.

    oh yeah, and Blender is free unlike Maya and 3DS

    p.s. there is no easy solution to this because you WILL need someone to draw and do objects for you.

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  • Ok thanks

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