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  • Just wondering. Many game developer seem to love Texturepacker (). I haven't found anything about it here though and it seems to me that C2 already creates some nice and optimized Sprite Sheets or Sprite Strips automatically.

    What is your opinion? If I should use an optimized Sprite Sheet, would C2 reconvert it again?

  • C2 generates it's own sprite sheets, so I am not sure if it does any good to do it in advance. Importing spritesheets in c2 requires pretty specific format so not sure if Texturepacker optimized spritesheets would come in cleanly.

  • If C2 would optimize it again it would do more harm than help. But Texturemaker can do such things as prevent banding through dithering. Hmm, if C2 had a setting to not do anything to the sprite sheets, then it would be helpful.

  • BluePhaze, does C2 have a way to time individual sprite frames ie all sprites running at 1/10 except frame 9 which runs at 5/10 thanks

  • mister k not directly, but you can do similar by adding duplicates of frames that you want to last longer. Or by breaking your animation up into small animations of a few frames each and then changing the speed on each animation. I think the first option is the simplest.

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  • mister k You can specify Frame speed for each frame in animation.

    So for example you can have frames 0-8 run at 1 (normal speed) and frame 9 runat 2 (twice long)

  • Thanks BluePhaze and shinkan. Glad to see this is possible

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