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  • Hello World,

    So I just got an email saying that an editor from androidcentral recommended one of my games to these Testbird guys. They are supposed to help you with free(in theory) testing and help you publish your app in china. Google Testbird for more info.

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this service/these guys, has anyone used them before, are they trustworthy, heard anything about them at all? Or is it just another scam?

    Thank you.

  • Be careful. Make sure you do not give them your source files. And watermark your graphics. They do not need that to evaluate your game.

    Be careful with your wording... Never use the phrase "i am giving this to you", or anything else that might hint that you are trading the ownership of your game.

    China in general should be avoided as a business partner. Nigeria comes is a second. Brazil a close third. But that is a just a personal preference, formed by experience.

  • Hi Guys, thanks for talking about us. I totally understand what's up. I saw a few other companies that asked a company for source code! SOURCE CODE? That's nuts! We just ask for the APK for our testing. I can give you a brief intro to our process. Once you upload your apk, we have one person create a script for testing among the hundreds of phones in our lab automatically. This allows for no human error and second by second logging/screenshots.

    And if you have more questions, I'm available at Luke at testbird com on skype: Gameaddicthotline I'm always available and I'm an American, so I know what's going on. I really hope you enjoy our free trial. If you enjoy we have other things that work in conjunction with Construct 2 to help out in better testing. I understand your issues and hope we can talk and see how to resolve them. We just love testing and bringing our company to others.

  • So you don't think just showing up out of the blue saying trust me, I'm an American, isn't a little like an invitation to a slumber party at Freddies?

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  • Trust me newt, I'm more fearful of the Bite of '85 then anything else. Plus that game gives me the willies. Look me up on LinkedIn. I'm Luke Stapley. I can't post links now as the forum mods are quite smart in how they handle the forum. So email me or skype me or tweet me gAmEAddIct

  • TestBird, Thanks for telling us to trust you.

    I hate to be the butthole, but what type of contracts do you offer to protect your users? i have never met you so i really have no reason to trust you.

    Do you sign a Non disclosure agreement? (NDA) If not what is to stop you from ripping us off?

    Do you sign a non-compete agreement? If not what is to stop you from hiring a team of programmers to just clone our idea, and leave us in the cold?

    Do you make a contract with the user defining how they will get payed after you get payed?

    Does the contract have a clause so that the rightful owner can back out of the deal, without you retaining some sort of ownership?

    Are the payments in a timely manor, or is it a scam like PayPal, Construct 2 store, and Desura, where we need a minimum balance before you pay out? Or will you just do a direct bank deposit like an honest person, and pay us up, every single cent that we earned?

    When you get payed, do I get payed? Or do I have to wait until certain times of the month so you can collect a few cents of interest from the bank. (There are seriously people who do this).

    The service seems too good to be true. I am sorry to be such a skeptic.

    Please enlighten us, so we can start using your fine service

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