How do you test your games?

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  • I own only one BlackBerry phone. Do I need an Android device and an iOS device to test my games? But what to choose, what type? iPhone 4 or 5? iPad 1 or 2 or Android tablet or phone, but which?

    If you had the money just to buy 2 devices, what would you choose?

    Do you use cloud testing solutions like Sauce Labs? Is it worth it? Do you know any better/cheaper?

  • I test my apps with an old Samsung S Plus (with Android 2.4) If it works on this device, i'm sure it works on all newer devices with android.

    I never tested anything on Apple or Windows Phone equipment.

    Maybe trying to get some second hand gear. For android this works perfect, but i'm not shure how this works for Ios and blackberry.

  • I think the easiest way without having to go buy those different supporting devices, it to look for family members and friends who have those phones, and borrow them just to test it out. Of course in borrow I mean, for 5 minutes to install and just run it. Haha I doubt anyone can be without their phones for more than 10 minutes nowadays

  • Noga Actually, that's quite a difficult thing. I'd say, if you want to publish to a platform, you must have one test device minimum. How do you want to know if it even starts if you cannot test it?

    Also, the performance on the many existing devices can vary highly. It's useful to test which device allows how many graphic settings.

    I think it's really good to ask many friends and family members to use their devices for a quick test. I for once own a Galaxy Tab 2 for low end testing and a Galaxy Tab 4S for high end testing. And that's really needed for my game to find out where I must cut things in the game to keep the framerate alive and which graphic settings I should offer. But my game is very graphic intensive on the other hand.

    I cannot recommend to buy an apple device. I did so, I bought an iphone 4. With the enforced iOS updates, you cannot run *anything* on these older devices, so you start a buy-the-next-device circle. I suggest relying on family and friends for iOS and to buy Android test devices that represent low end/high end devices you actually want to run your game on perfectly. So if you have a game that won't use too much RAM and is not very timing intensive, go for a mid range Android device. If you have a timing/RAM intensive device, you should really have a high end + low end device to test out the limits of your game.

    If you test on devices on your friends+family upfront, you migh also find out what kind of device might fit best.

    I have no cloud testing experience so far, so I cannot say anything about it. What I can say is: Testing is essential, and best is if you see live what's happening on the device rather than getting a description.

    Sorry for the long post. This is my very personal advise only, of course, you have to find out what suits your needs best. Good luck!

  • I cannot recommend to buy an apple device. I did so, I bought an iphone 4. With the enforced iOS updates, you cannot run *anything* on these older devices, so you start a buy-the-next-device circle.

    Aaah, pity I read it too late. I bought an iPhone 4 few days ago....

    Eventually, I got 4 different cell phones and a S3 tablet. I like preview on LAN feature, but all C2 templates are laggy, on all devices. Is it normal? Those templates are all very simple, yet none of my mobile devices hits 60fps. (50fps max)

  • Can be tested via WiFi. I wrote a guide on the Russian forum Now I am doing a translation into English. You can test on any device, without compiling directly from C2.

    I will try to do it as soon as possible.

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  • Testin on real devices with real builds are essential but it´s also very expensive.

    We have just started to build our test central and it is already becoming a money eating machine. So if you can use friends and family, then it would be the best way.

    We have multiple devices of all sorts, the worst and most expensive is the iOS stuff. We recently had a huge problem where our iPad Air and iPhone 5 and 6 worked perfect, while the testing group at Apple denied the app, due to that it got messed up on the new iPad Air2.

    So now we need to grab ourselves another iPad just to test our apps on it.

    Apple is also the worst in every ways as you need to add the hardwares number to your developer account for the app to be able to run on it before it is released.

    The second most stoopid thing about iOS apps is that there is no way to test the "real" build. You can only test the AdHoc builds and you need to submit the Release builds. So it´s a bit scary to submit an app to Apple every single time. Also having to wait 5-7 days before apple gets off their ..... and test it and replies makes it even worse.

    You also need one hardware running OS X in order to submit the app to the appstore. So if you dont own a MAC you pretty much do not wanna get into iOS apps anyway.

  • i test them with f5.


    my first game is gonna be roughly done & for PC so it's mostly gonna be PC tested, but i will test my 2nd and later games with droids and apples

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