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  • Hello

    After some time and effort to build an efficient and professional system for project information management, I achieved the desired result

    It can be said that this system will be the most comprehensive system for managing project information

    With proper support and feedback, I will definitely extend this system to other languages ​​and engines

    But since I am interested in and have worked with Construct (both Construct 2 and Constrict 3), I decided to first create a plugin for this system for Construct.

    Some features

    Build infinite score tables

    Build infinite achievements

    Manage scores and achievements from the admin panel

    Easy installation on hosts with training

    Build a reverse scoreboard

    Code to put a scoreboard or achievement in blogs

    Build infinite games

    Manage games from the admin panel

    Build infinitely variable to play

    Manage variables and data from the admin panel

    Added user section for each game

    Manage users of each game from the admin panel

    Build a version

    Select multiple administrators for the panel (this can only be done by the main administrator)

    Add or remove an administrator (this can only be done by the main administrator)

    Installing the module for the panel (almost like WordPress, which would be easy if someone wanted to write for the module panel later (because the open source panel is not provided))


    But after a series of problems, I decided to launch this system in the cloud and sell it as a license because both your cost for using the system and capabilities will be reduced (hosting, etc.) and the errors will be easier to control and the problems will be solved faster, and the support will be done in a more professional and complete way and ....

    But the problem that persists is that Sierra does not have the ability to sell the license, and if I put the sale of this license here after the launch of this system in the cloud, it is considered a violation.

    And I really do not know what to do

    And if anyone has an opinion about the type of sale or about the system, be sure to tell me to make the most of these valuable comments

    Some pictures:

    Thank you for your attention

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  • Hi

    The main post is made for this system and for more information, you can refer to the following link

    Thank you for your attention

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