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100+ sprites for spooky / creepy game. Ideal for Platformer & Metroidvania games or Halloween.
  • Game designer can now use our new Customisable RPG maps and Game UI templates from Super Game Asset. This new major release is based on our long time customer response by providing more customisable game maps and UI templates. As a part of this release we are also introducing more variety of commonly used sprites with large resolutions. We hope you enjoy this new release, and have fun making your game.

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    New Beginner Village Map Pack

    Beginner Village RPG map pack is designed to use for starting RPG home town, or village styled game map. The map is a large 2560 x 2560 PSD file, element on the map are separated into 218 layers and grouped logically. Game designers can customise the map by adding or remove trees, rocks, buildings and more. The map also feature natural walk path to all village buildings on the map, as well as defined entry and exit points into and from the map.

    This map pack is also release free test map, game designers can download and try out the map before purchase. Just head over to our FREE section to download the test map.

    New RPG UI Template

    As a first on the market Super Game Asset have created an entire game UI template kit, RPG Game UI template is a complete set of game UI templates, designed to be used for fantasy RPG/MMORPG game. This Package includes 17 PSD file that forms a very flexible game user interface, including character creation, inventory, character properties, crafting system and many more. Game designer can use it as a final solution or prototyping UI template, each UI template is well structured and layered for further editing, it has the pixel quality required for mobile and tablet games. Pack includes bonus game logo and login background!

    New Tree Sprite Pack

    Game designers can choose all new 132 tree sprites from Super Game Asset store, these high resolution tree sprites are designed to be place in game maps. The new sprites are featured in several new products including Happy Trees 3, Cartoon Trees 1, Cartoon Trees 2, Real Trees 3 and Deco rocks.

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  • are you selling this on scirra store or? the asset pack is awesome i cant seem to find it...

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