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  • I'm making a game for commercial use on Steam, and I haven't seen any way of making Steam support.


  • Yes you can export to desktop for submission to Greenlight. You can also buy Construct 2 on Steam.

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  • Oh cool! Thanks for that!

  • "buy Construct 2 on steam" doesn't help to publish on steam and/or to add steam integration (achievement, leaderboard, matchmaking...)

  • In a way it does help, they would be unlikely to sell game making software on Steam unless they were the selling the fact that you could make your own games to eventually go on Steam. It would be a strange marketing ploy to say "hey buy Construct 2 on Steam and make your own games!" "can I put my finished game up on Steam?" "nope".

  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute.

    I don't see greenlight support...

  • By the looks of things, a pretty neato plugin for node-webkit by the name of Greenworks has made it onto the scene.

    So maybe if someone could make a plugin that allows events to give the player achievements and just general Greenworks integration, that would be awesome.

    It would basically be limited to just making JS calls, so it would be really simple to make.

  • CreatedorMade There is no thing called greenlight support. Greenlight has no features. On greenlight you only post a page and a video and people vote for it. No exported game is needed. And later IF you get greenlit you can publish your game.

    So when you're greenlit you can export your game with node webkit and upload it on steam and it will work just fine right out of the box. But if you want to use achievements and other steam features you then need to use the greenworks plugin which aldready exist and now works thanks to MadSpy who have modified it to work with NW12.

    And hopefully we'll soon have a plugin that works with the latest version of NW as well.

    So MadSpy is one of the people on this forum who knows the most about steam integration and have helped many of us who have a game on steam.

    Good luck with your project.

  • Thanks for that!

    Welp, time to download that After Effects trial and start making the video...

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