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  • Hey guys, I've recently decided I want to start learning programming with focus on someday creating a video game. I've been working for years as a web developer so I'm not completely blue when it comes to programming. I have a few specific questions for which I wasn't able to find an not outdated answers.

    I've decided I would like to refresh my C++ skills and go with that. Can you recommend any good modern c++ tutorials that won't teach me any outdated standards and not show how to create if/else statements for half an hour? I have a solid understanding of programming and C++ in general, only need some catch-up and memory refresh.

    How to configure a C++ environment? Which linter is the most popular? How to compile/build projects properly in a professional environment? Is there any package manager for C++ like npm/yarn for JS?

    My last question is do I start out by trying to write a game in native C++ or use a framework? Sidebar FAQ only explains whether to use framwework or engine.

    My main goal is to get the best understanding on how game development works, my secondary goal is to actually write something playable someday.

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