How to use Spriter animations in Construct2

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  • Hi everyone,

    This post is intended to give you all the up to date information and links you need to start using Spriter files in Construct 2.

    We'll be sure to update the information any time there’s a significant update to Spriter or the scml plug-in.


    Step one:

    Make sure you have the latest build of Spriter installed, which you can always find here:

    Spriter now has a feature to automatically check for updates. We recommend you turn this feature on so you'll always have the latest version of Spriter as soon as it becomes available.


    Step two:

    Make sure you have the latest version of the scml plug-in installed in Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins. You can always find the latest version of the plug-in here:

    Unzip the folder and put the folder (and the file inside) into the folder mentioned above.

    (While installing, make sure construct2 is currently not running.)


    Step three:

    Open your Spriter file in Spriter, then choose Other File Options/Custom Save Options from Spriter's menu and turn on all three of the “Additional data for Authoring Tools” As seen in the image below.

    Step four:

    Use save-as to re-save your Spriter scml file AND use save-as again to save a scon version of your Spriter file into the same folder, with the same exact name as your scml file you just saved.

    You should now have identically named scml and scon files in your Spriter project folder.

    Keep this folder open for easy access for the next step.


    Step five:

    Load up your capx game or app project in Construct 2. Then go to the frame you'd like to import your Spriter file to, and drag the actual scml file from your Spriter project folder onto the frame.

    You'll be asked to also choose which event sheet you'd like the “on initialized” even to be created in. Choose either the event sheet for the that specific frame, or even better, an event sheet specifically for initializing Spriter files which is then “included” in the main event sheet for every frame which includes the Spriter file (Spriter object).


    To see this, and my suggested “best practices”, please watch the tutorial video here:

    Step six:

    Watch this tutorial which explains how to control your newly imported or updated Spriter object through events in C2:


    Step seven:

    If you feel there's any information that's missing from this tutorial, please email and we'll do our best to add the missing information or make it more clear.


    Step eight:

    Please join our forums at in order to report any Spriter specific issues you might run into or to request/suggest new features that you feel would make Spriter an even more useful and exciting tool in your game-making arsenal. For Questions specific to the use of Spriter within Construct2 The best place to post them is in this thread and this inertial post will be updated to fill any gaps you help shed light on.



    The Spriter Team at BrashMonkey

  • Step seven: Learn how to count the Brashmonkey way. It's the only way to go.

    No seriously, I love the Spriter tool and look forward to all the amazing features you are implementing. For those who haven't purchased it, trust me, you won't be disappointed. Thanks to all the Brashmonkey team.

  • LOL. some issue occurred when I pasted the post and made the links live...fixing shortly.

    -Mike at BrashMonkey

  • Where download the spriter and the plugin?

  • Please read step one and step two again.. Links are provided for Spriter and the plug-in.


    Mike at BrashMonkey

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  • Ah sorry, thanks

  • - I noticed that there is a bug on the scml plugin that prevents the "Undo" (Ctrl + Z) to un-import the scml imported to Construct 2 when it fails to load in Construct 2 saying that the scml file is broken.

    Procedure to remake the bug:

    1)Import a spriter project that you made.

    2)Once it is imported, rename the spriter project(scml) with another name.

    3)Import the newly made name of scml.

    4)When the message pops up that the scml plugin is broken then...

    5) CTRL + Z ("Undo")

    6)Undo to revert anywhere previous or up to the opening of the project where no changes were made.


    The SCML file of the failed load is still there (The scml file and the scml object that you changed the name and failed to load will be stuck on the C2 project.)

    -I hope you can fix this, since it might leave some leftovers inside the project without us knowing.-

  • Thanks alot !

  • link to the plugin is not working

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