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  • Is anyone planning to design their own sound for their game? If so, what are you using or wanting to use?

    I found some music makers and programs like GuitarTux, or synthesizers, beat makers, but still not satisfied. Please let me know what you think. Creating a soundtrack for a game would be awesome!

  • Hi Werms,

    I generally create all the music and sound for my game projects. I use a very wide variety of software for audio, from FLStudio, the freeware Jeskola Buzz, and Orion Pro among others.

    If you're just getting started, I could recommend, which is a free site that provides a very robust and powerful audio composition software, utilizing Adobe Flash. An avid user by the name of hlecktro has a number of videos posted to YouTube that you could use to get an idea how it all works.

    There's also SunVox, which is a freeware, modular tracker software that has a number of synthesizers built in that really work well for games. The creator of SunVox has a YouTube channel where he's posted a bunch of videos to help you get started.

    There are scores of other softwares out there, free and commercial. If you're really serious about audio, I'd advise taking a good look at They're an invaluable resource for audio production.



  • I too create all music and sound f/x for my projects.

    For sound effects the most important things are a mixer with editing functions, filters and good sound sources.

    I recommend, which has a wide variety of all kinds of sounds in raw form. As a starting point for the mixing/editing I use Reaper and sometimes lmms. Another workhorse I use is Wavosaur, which I prefer over Audacity.

    Reaper and lmms both support VST(i), and there's an insanely number of good production tools, like filters and reverbs. As a source for those I also use

    If you prefer to just produce synthesized sound effects, you should have a look for the most easiest analogue/subtractive synths with basic waveforms, a noise generator, lowpass/hipass/bandpass-filter and an lfo.

  • These are really great suggestions! Thank you very much.

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  • Werms last week i was asking same question to my self, few days back i got my answer with garage band for mac they provide some basic loop music which you can mix, however there is a draw back, resources are limited and for more i suppose you need to purchase, truly speaking i am still exploring and above all this i don't even have basic knowledge of chords and notes, a choose trial and error method here is a sample

    I was trying to make something for Halloween but comes unexpected and in future even planing to distribute some of the loop music to this forum members for their games, if they like! :D any music or mix i make on garage band is copyright protected by user so totally free.

    How ever i see some new references by Ugotsta, which is indeed helpful and eager to try.

    I am unprofessional in composing but if any member has request for game music, i'll try to help him. just pm me with you're requirement.

  • Actually i'm using's a powerful free modular studio,available for x86 and x64 platforms...take a look if u want

  • tulamide, yeah I totally agree, Wavosaur is substantially easier to work with than Audacity. Audacity is great, its interface is just ugly. Wavosaur works just like the commercial Sound Forge, which is far easier to use than other audio editors.

    edisone, Psycle's awesome, I've done a number of past projects in it as well. Psycle derived most of it's concepts from Jeskola Buzz, which I mentioned earlier. I now am back on Jeskola Buzz because the latest version is simply incredible.

    However, there's also Buze, which can use plugins from both Buzz and Psycle. I just happen to prefer the current Buzz interface over both of those.

    Just to mention too, Buzz actually has 2 of the very best Roland TB-303 emulators out there. People usually pay for the types of sounds this free software is capable of. Here's a demo video I made, for anyone interested.


  • Ugotsta, very nice...tnx for tips...i heard about Buzz machine before but didn't know about Buze,i'm downloading it right now,with some plugins..brosing the net i found a similar one called buzztard " lets you link together "buzz machines" to create a sort of digital rack" (works on linux)

  • Ah, Buzztard is neat, but it's just so underpowered in comparison to the others. Sadly, it's the only similar host for Linux that I know of.

    I'm looking forward to when everything is web-based liked Then it'll be easy to move completely to Linux.

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