[Solved] Using plugins with the Steam version of C2

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    The manual currently says that plugins need to be installed to Construct2\exporters\html5\plugins, but for the Steam version, you need to instead use




    depending on which version you're using.

    Happy Constructing!

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    Hi! Construct 2 won't detect that I have the Spriter plugin installed. I have the unzipped "scml" folder from here placed in

    D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Construct2\exporters\html5\plugins

    but when I try to drag an .scml file into my layout(s), I get

    A Spriter .scml file was dropped in to Construct 2, but the BrashMonkey Spriter plugin appears to be missing. Please ensure it is installed before importing .scml files.

    I've re-downloaded the plugin, tried with Construct/Steam in and out of administrator mode, restarted my entire machine, and made sure I was using the most up-to-date versions of everything.

    Any ideas, anyone? lucid?

  • Hi saint Mike, just to rule out the simpler possibilities first, your folder structure is like this right?

    /Construct 2/exporters/html5/plugins/scml/common.js

    /Construct 2/exporters/html5/plugins/scml/edittime.js

    /Construct 2/exporters/html5/plugins/scml/PluginIco.ico

    /Construct 2/exporters/html5/plugins/scml/runtime.js

    /Construct 2/exporters/html5/plugins/scml/version.txt

  • Checking... correct!

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  • Could you try creating this directory:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Construct 2/exporters/html5/plugins/

    (or to be absolutely sure, try installing the free C2 version, and put the Spriter plugin there)

    and put the scml directory in there, and see if the Steam version now detects it from that folder. If so I will try to contact Ashley and see if this is a known bug. If this doesn't fix the issue I will see about getting the Steam version of C2 to troubleshoot further.

  • What a clever workaround! Trying it... and... nuts, no dice.


    I installed the free version of Construct, and noticed that the plugins folder had all kinds of subfolders in it, whereas the Steam version's folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Construct2\exporters\html5\plugins) was completely empty. So I decided to dig around, and found that Steam installs two separate versions of C2, a 32-bit and a 64-bit version (no biggie, C2 is tiny). I went into my 64-bit folder and found the usual C2 folder structure, complete with a loaded plugins folder. I placed the scml folder in there (which is located at

    D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Construct2\Construct2-Win64\exporters\html5\plugins

    by the way), and VOILA! Working Spriter. Thanks for the idea guidance! And, of course, the great program.

    Updating thread for searchability, since I'm guessing that other plugins will have this problem, and the manual doesn't seem to address this. Tagging Ashley re: an update to the manual entry on plugins would be very handy. Sorry if that's not cool!

  • Awesome. Glad you got it working. Thanks for following up.

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