soldiers sprites?

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A collection of soldier sprites for creating a 2D top down shooter, tower defense, or other games with military theme.
  • Patriick

    you should put them on your thread..

    That's a good idea, I probably will create a single thread for all of my free graphics so that everyone can easily find them. I just won't do it until I have a few more ready to post =]

  • Cool when you are done please save as gif

  • Hows it going

  • Patriick hows the artwork going

  • Patriick hows the artwork going

    I got really busy yesterday and wasn't able to continue working on the character animations through most of yesterday...

    It shouldn't take too much longer to add a good run, death, walk and jump animation, so be a little patient and I should have them uploaded here soon enough. I can't work on it right now I have some important things to deal with but as soon as I am able I will =]

  • Ok thanks

  • Ok thanks

    This might look bad on my part, but I am helping for free :P but I won't be able to finish these up today either, I have to go and collect a few new parts for my computer and it's going to be rather late when I return home, it's already 20:03 here in England.

    Keep checking back though as I will most likely get to it tomorrow, I have little work to get done unless something comes up of course but I don't foresee anything like that happening. =]

  • Ok, I've just got a new computer so once I have everything installed and setup on that, I will have time to finish up this sprite sheet for you, I will give you what I have at the end of the day either way and just update with the rest on Saturday if I don't finish all of them today, at least that way you can get something going with the sprites while I work on the rest of them =]

    Sorry for the delay :P

  • Thats fine thanks a bunch

  • Thats fine thanks a bunch

    The Running animation is now pretty much complete. I need to tweak it a little but I have it done, the soldier is running with the gun in his hand...

    I'm pretty tired though so I will clean it up and get the jump finished tomorrow =]

  • cool

  • The only animation I have left to complete now is the Die animation, I think...

    I have completed these so far:



    shoot while crouched




    I will upload in a zip file with all of the .gif's for you tomorrow, I should have finished the death animation by then...

    Also, a few edits and you can have yourself an enemy right there too! =]


    Sorry for not posting them, I got hired for a small time freelance job and I had to get that out of the way before posting and it took most of my free time on the day I was going to finish and post them.

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  • Sorry that it has taken a while :|

  • OK, an update here... I had a little trouble but you WILL have these sprites by the end of tomorrow for sure.

    I was transferring a bunch of files to my new computer and I ended up deleting my pixel art folder thinking I had transferred it, some of the stuff was up on my Copy account but a chunk of it hadn't synced up yet. So I ended up loosing the work I had done, but don't worry I spent a portion of today re-creating the same sprite and animations...

    I've managed to get the time in to finish up the Run, Idle and Shoot so tomorrow I will wrap up the Die and Jump animations then post them here for you no later than the 29th for sure!!

    Otherwise I would have had them posted by now but not to worry, just a slight delay :P

  • OK, sorry for such a delay but I have the sprites complete for you now =]

    I did have to remake them after losing them but that was due to a fault of my own, I hope you get to use them for whatever you needed them for.

    All that I ask is, that wherever anyone uses these, they put my name in the credits =P


    Best Regards



    I split the jump animation into jump & land, so there are two different animations for that so that you can have mroe control over it. Also, if you want the player to run & shoot, you will have to chop the sprites into two parts, the top half of the body and the bottom half... It's not too hard to do.

    Also, with the sprite 'strips' I accidentally exported the stance frame with the shoot and crouch... but I zipped two versions, the strips and then multiple images, simply so that you can edit them as you see fit and then pack them up as a gif yourself...

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