How to Setup LAN server with Wampserver?

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  • Hi all, i need a help how to setup WAN with Wampserver like Preview on LAN from C2.

    I gave up while i was configuring Windows Firewall and Wifi Router config...

    I need to access my html folders using my iPod over WiFi and LAN server.

    Can anyone help me?

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  • I actually found a solution was:

    "Put Online" from Wampserver tray icon and i got IP of this server using CMD command and type "IPCONFIG" where you get Local address. It worked and i can browse a test html with my Ipod. Thanks!

  • I think I will go this route too. It'll be very useful when testing games that do not preview locally when you use certain plugins.

  • Hi kindly help ...used a Windows 7 with java server with mysql workbench and used default settings of WAMP on my computer. I can access localhost and my project in the local computer. When i try to access it from another computer in a network by typing on the browser the ipaddress of the server :80, i can access the wampserver page with a link to my project. When i click on it, i can access the Index of my project and the parent directory containing my project's php file. When i click on it i got a blank page (clear page) so i cannot access my project. What seems to be the problem?

  • I had no problem with my iPod using LAN Wifi, i don't think :80 is neccesary.

  • yes i agree that :80 is necessary - are you using mysql workbench or the mysql that came with wamp? me - i'm using the workbench - maybe that's the problem?

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