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  • Hey guys..

    my sale just started - you can get some islands / monsters / boats on scirra store: ... sters-1529 - animated boats & fish & some monsters ... utter-1528 - animated islands + deaths and after death animation and clutter around them (mines, bouys..)

    you get some extras like water with normal maps, explosions (particles and non particles explosions), crates on water and so on.. animation from main menu of game sea monsters and so on..

    almost everything is animated! (a few ships isn't but that's all)

    and finally you can get it all here: ... plate-1527

    in an isometric template game SeaMonsters, which was built for easy expansion and continuation of the work, or simply for learning the ropes. Included is 40 pages tutorial about optimizations, setting up things and how the game itself was built, and how this template was created.

    Using that knowledge you can optimize your games and build new ones knowing how to fix all the major performance caveats and so on.

    and finally here is the link where you can try the template:

    There is also one thing you can do if you have bad performance - check options of game - you can debug (shows fps/cpu/objectcount) and you can turn on/off particles which improves performance.

    Also try testing preview / html5 performance and compare - you should see a performance improvement in preview, and details about it you can find in my tutorial.

    you can pm me here on forum / comment here or simply email me if you have any questions <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • HUGE SALE STARTING TOMMOROW, 60% OFF for each pack, and

    75% OFF FOR main pack!

    If you're still not sure to buy - let me remind you - 2400 files included!!!!! - advanced tutorial of ~ 40 pages optimization and "how-to" things to get isometric feeling.

    all assets and completed 1 level game (with source).



    Works great on PC

    Is a great benchmark for a mobile (even if you do nothing)

  • extended sale to 4th of january 2016!!!

  • sales ended! thank you all for buying

  • reduced the prices down to 10$ for full pack and 5$ for each semi-pack.

    get yourself the BEST OF THE BEST - fully animated ISLANDS (4 types), FISH, BOATS, KRAKENS tentacles, BOATS WITH KRAKEN'S TENTACLES, and much much more.

    also in full pack - you GET 1 LEVEL DONE GAME, MAIN MENU DONE, AND STRUCTURE TO CONTINUE GOING with more levels and so on..

    did i mention.. THE GAME IS ISOMETRIC? LEARN HOW TO HANDLE ISOMETRY / BIRD VIEW and loads of other optimizations for the game!

    also some particle explosions included with a way how to handle them.


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  • updated dead links and exported with newest r239 version, works as nicely as always

  • updated game version to a new version,

    fixed the main menu with spritefont instead of textbox which is OS unfriendly, now you should see everything good in preview!

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