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  • Step 1:

    This topic is


    a discussion about, "would it work". (so dont go there)

    This topic's task is to collect info about, what would be


    to make it work. (even if the tech does not exist yet)


    The Topic:

    ScreenShare Gaming

    Detail: Operating Just like Teamviewer

    But then for gaming.

    The Premise:

    Programs like teamviewer make it possible to remote view a desktop, and control it on the other computer with the mouse and keyboard.

    Screenshare gaming would do exactly that, but with added controller support.

    This topic sets the bar high with the question.

    What would be needed to:

    1 share a desktop screen (game running at 60fps) with sound.

    2 have the shared player use gamepad controller 2,or 3,or 4 while the sharing desktop uses gamepad controller 1.


    PC 1 has game running, shares only screen + Audio, receives input.

    PC 2 receives only Screen + Audio, and sends gamepad controller output.

    PC 2 has no game running!


    Also on the shared pc, the incomming screen must be running at 60fps.

    Be aware:

    Dont tell this topic "thats what multiplayer is for".

    If so, re-read step1

    Screenshare Gaming delivers

    , when made to work! (future)

    All games ever made with more than 1 player, "but having no multiplayer integrated" could be played with eachother over the internet.

    The first player simply starts the game, shares his screen & audio and input.

    The second player connects to only the screen + audio + input.

    And they played happy ever after

    Kind regards.


  • There's been plenty of services doing (or trying to do) this - onlive on PC, I think Steam allows you to stream your own games as well, obviously PS has remote play, nvidia also has it. Amazon's fire tablets used a different approach to improve some games and so on and so on.

    It's not that much of a future any more, more like present. And with data speeds and coverage improving it's quite likely it would become a separate segment of gaming - have super high fidelity content on simple mobile devices that just act as streamers. Same for simple PCs - I would prefer a neat, compact box that's absolutely silent to some crazy gaming pc with all the fans, etc. that'll get old in two years.

  • Isn't that what the Shield does?

  • Is there stand alone software?

    So we can use it without a service.

    And do these other services also give the opertunity of playing with more than one person as discribed in the topic?

  • Isn't that what the Shield does?

    lol the promo video makes it sound like a rival to the big boys like sony and nintendo.

    clicked on learn more. Its android. mfw <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing">

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  • Well many devices that run Android are more powerful than a Ps2, or a Wii, and probably 10x more games.

    The quality is somewhat arguable.

  • Screencheat can do that, but its alot different in certain ways.

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