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Fully commented source code/event sheet & sprites to create a space shooter game
  • Hey, all! :D

    I, Chad Wolfe, am here to proudly proclaim the arrival of the updates of my website Kiira! I will be uploading tons of resources!

    For example, of the approximated 100 resources already made for you, the music category has exactly 67 royalty free .wav formatted songs made specifically for Construct 2!

    Since, I am the one who made them all, I have full right to tell you that you can legally use every file on this website for any of your projects!

    The website is:

    And don't forget to chat with on the forums ;). I am dying to get more feedback so I can help you all out!

  • Thanks alot!!

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  • Hey, anybody that uses the resources on my website: Please, if you upload a game, tell me the name and give me a link. :) I would like to see what you can do with these.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Kiira thanks so much! This sounds great - but I'm unable to get your site to load. Are you working on updating it? Thanks again!

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  • JimmyMc, To you and everybody else who has tried to go on my website for the past month or two I am very sorry, but it was down for a while. It's back up now though, and so is the Kiira project as a whole. I had to postpone basically everything and right before I had to do that I had made updates to the website that I realized caused big problems. I'm still trying to incorporate chat and accounts, but I've updated the website again, finally. I will be working on it a lot more seeing as I will most likely have the time and you will get a lot more to work from. If anyone would like to see anything on my website (Like a specific theme of sprites and music for that month), don't forget to click the link at the bottom that says to contact me. I'm going to start themes on the website, starting with Halloween this year. I will be posting nothing but Halloween sprites, music, game examples and more until the end of that month. :) Enjoy.

  • Kiira thanks! I can't wait to dig through these -- it's really generous of you to provide resources like these. Can't wait to get them into a game!

  • I was looking for spacey sounds and your syfy sounds are amazing! Thanks!

  • JimmyMc, No problem! I'm always happy to help!

    Cpryd001, Need more? I could make more for ya. :)

  • Sure!

  • , Sorry, it's been about a month since I reuploaded everything, but I have been working on the resources and everything. :) I'll work on that tonight and hopefully it'll be done tomorrow. I'll post again to notify you of it's upload.

  • Good... I like to use it on my game project??? Can I???

  • smsanthosh, Yepp, have at it. :) Oh, and anyone that is good at using Construct 2, you should really look into the Tizen App Challenge. I'm sorry for not re-uploading resources tonight, I know I've been slacking a lot. School and the preparing for the competition are taking up a lot of my time, but don't worry! I haven't forgot about you, and anything that I've made for my current project that I decided not to actually put there I just stuck in with the royalty free resources. Why let good resources go to waste? If anybody needs resources really bad I can actually just upload a file specifically for you, so you won't have to wait for me to upload it to my website. There isn't much support on the website right now, because I'm the only person working on that for the team. We haven't even made a completely project yet (well, any that we've decided to take the time to upload, that is). Though, I have a feeling this is our chance... This upcoming year will bring forth a big change in the gaming world, and things are going pretty well for the team because of it.

  • Hey, all! :D It's Kiira again, grateful to be able to come back to you saying that there has been another great change in Kiira again that might just be here to stay. The website looks and works a lot different than before and I have many reasons for that, but I'll get to that later, I want to tell you about the things I've added in first.

    Now, obviously, being the man I am, I added more resources to the downloadable packages. :) That's ones a given. Though, I'm also added in a "Learn" section of the website that will teach people about anything that pertains to (but not limited to) building a game. This is so that anyone that I can further my dream of teaching people how to design video games, program, and do all kinds of things. I am a man of innovation and creativity, and to me, that's what it's all about. I'm not going to be uploading on it for about a week after all of these updates, buuut..

    As you'll be able to see, the websites whole design has been redone. You may wonder why I've changed it YET AGAIN. Well, the previous website was actually just an app that I designed using Construct 2, believe it or not. This new website is me actually putting some work into it so that I can give all of you the best way to learn without having any browser issues, or anything like that. Plus, with this new design, I can upload with a change of a couple lines of code, whereas, when I used Construct 2, I had to take the time to reupload it numerous time and it was just took up too much time, when I could be using that time actually doing something productive. So, I redid everything, and I really hope you like it.

    I will be making updates at least once a week, since it's so easy now, so no more leaving you in the dust. If anyone has any questions for me about anything on my website, don't hesitate to contact me. This is for you guys, ya know. Thank you for all your visits. I know I don't have any ads up right now, but just knowing that you are enjoying my website is enough to keep me going. You guys are the best, and I don't really think I could make it through life without knowing that I've helped someone out in this way. It's really a great honor.

    Again, please check it out, and don't cry because of how deep that was. XD It'll be okay! Haha catch ya later!

  • thanks

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