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  • Where can i get sprites, sounds, effects, and stuff like that all in one pack? I've worked with game maker before and it gave you some stuff to work with while you learn the program, but here, i dont see any files, or maybe i'm missing something, are there any sprites that come with construct in a folder i cant find?

    Where can i get sprites,i wanna make an rts as well as a platformer, but idk where to get stuff, can u plz link me?

  • Look at the bottom of the website, under the download section, you will see Game Assets. There is the official free bundle. Also search the forums. People do post freebies from time to time.

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  • Anything thats not for a space game?

  • Aaah. If you want it for personal, not commercial, use then you can often find some free stuff on the forums here or on the web. For example this is a sound website I have used before and is actually allowed for commercial use and there are others around.

    You can also pick up explosion generators off the web, which make explosions for you.

    In my experience it is a bit of a scrounge if you are not going to do it yourself.

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