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  • Hi game developers and etc...

    I like to write code for people for free, Yes FREE code.

    I have already made a few game templates for you to check out.

    If you want a particular template or code then you must just send me your Ideas and I will try my best to produce what you want.

    Preview my templates here:

    Don't forget to subscribe/follow to keep in touch with all the latest free stuff.


    • Send me a private message of your Idea
    • Make sure what you are asking is clear


    • When I have finished doing you request, I will sent a PM to you - plus I would upload on my site
    • Larger the idea-longer the time to make
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  • Hi there I'm not able to send you a PM but I would like to request a template.

    I'm thinking of making a Match-3 Game but really confused on doing so.

    Could you please make me a template? I would like to make one like candy crush where there are

    multiple levels and boosts. There should also be a shop where users can use money earned in game to purchase

    the boosts. I hope that you could help me with this. Im pretty new to the gaming scene and I'm only 16. Looking forward

    to making games in the future.

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