How can I record a gameplay of my game?

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  • Hi,

    I want to record some gameplay of my videogame.

    I have fraps.

    But the problem is when I record the browser appears the navigation bar, the taskbar and more.

    And I want to only show the gameplay, is there any program where I can cut the part that I'm interested to show?


  • why not recording in fullscreen mode ?

  • camtasia studio, there you can scale the record window

  • Compile your game to your desktop PC, install it on your computer and use fraps to record it

  • Lots of ways to do it but as AndreasR said. You can compile it. If you have premiere pro or after effects or another video editing software you can use that to crop the video to just show the actual game.

  • Thanks for all your suggestions!

    I tried with fullscreen + fraps, but Fraps didn't work fine.

    At the end, It was edited with Sony Vegas.

    Here's the video:


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  • Hi Guys, I want to record gameplay aswell and havent found my perfect solution yet.

    dxtory ver2.0.127 (2014/06/09) failed to recognize the Node-Webkit export by Version r190 (32 and 64bit windows).

    It didnt recognize my browser preview either (Google chrome Version 39.0.2171.95 m)

    It did recognize the main window of C2 (the one with the layouts and event sheets). Not much of a use trying to record gameplay though .-)

    It was working fine maybe half a year ago but now it doesnt anymore. Thought maybe it had to do with directx issues,

    so i updated DXTory to the version above, but it didnt solve the problem. Nothing recorded.

    Now im trying OBS.

    Everything is set up as in a tut video for gameplay recording.

    It has found the running webkit task as a source, but it only recorded audio and a black screen.

    There was a Fail notice twice, due to a interference with DXtory, so i added OBS to the ignore list in DXtory as mentioned in the failure notice.

    Pc and software restarts however didnt seem to have made a difference, except the failure notice doesnt appear, but still black screen only is recorded.

    If i changed to record the [DWM: Record Monitor] which is basically recording everything that is displayed on the monitor screen i finally get video with picture.

    The result was rather laggy though. So i tried different bit sizes, screen resolutions etc, all of them lagging the same way.

    The lagg was so hard it affected gameplay and so far doesnt qualify for a trailer.

    I tried Fraps earlier in 2014 which didnt lead to any quality results back then either.

    Heres my PC specs:

    AMD Phenom2 3.00 ghz

    4,00 GB Ram

    ATI Radeon HD 5700 (1GB Ram)

    W7 - 64-bit

    Game starts from a HDD and is recorded to a new SSD.

    W7 Aero turned off as recommended by OBS itself.

    Anyone has any ideas?

    Has anyone occured the same problems?

    What other programs do people here use to record SC2 gameplay?

  • I like They've been around for a few years and I've had pretty good luck recording with them in the past. Since the recorder is a java applet, you don't have to install anything and you can resize the capture window. I've recorded everything from emulated games to presentations with it. It also uploads to Youtube fairly simply.

    Disclaimer: Free version is limited to 15 minutes per video but that should probably be more than adequate for the majority of situations.

    Framerate is also capped at 15fps.

  • I was going to make a similar question: "how to capture the gameplay of my game".

    if someone knows another ways of capture/record, please post here.

  • cacotigon, I tried the screencast-o-matic, it is simple and good.

    here is the output ->

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  • Bandicam has a free version if you're not adverse to watermarks. Other than that, high quality with many different codecs to compile your video to, including mp4.

  • If you're on Windows 10 there's actually a really good screen recorder built in - you just hit windows key + G - it brings up a menu and there's a record button on there that you can use to capture. I was having issues recording construct games in fraps as it doesn't recognize the browser window as a game - but I've gotten perfect recordings from the inbuilt windows 10 screencap software.


    Free, records everything, f#ck fraps

    Yeah, why are people overlooking this? It can stream, it can record, and it has a hell of a lot more options than even most paid software. I use it for absolutely everything and it has yet to let me down.

    You can also record multiple audio tracks in a single file. That way you can have a track in which your voice recording goes, and if you need you can edit it later. You can even record your webcam straight into the video.

    There is no other solution on the market that has yet to surpass OBS Studio, much less as freeware. Even Nvidia Shadowplay lacks the depth that Studio offers.

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