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  • Open UI constructive kit, is a free kit of UI elements for mobile and casual games

    you can download it modify it use it the way you wish also use it in commercial projects. i made this free and done in SVG format using Inkscape, for 2 reasons there is some free graphic kit on the Internet but it's made in PSD a lot of indie low budget developers who can't afford to get legal copy of Photoshop, or simply they like some other alternatives, so i have made this in SVG you can modify it using inkscape it's free open source vector drawing tool alternative to illustrator, the second reason is i wanted to show there isn't only photoshop and illustrator to make 2D games assets. there is Inkscape it's free and great and has many feature that would suit design for video games.

    link is in the project description on my Behance potfolio

    Download kit 0.1:

    Download kit 0.2 :

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    I love Inkscape. It's my go-to for vector work. It suffers from the same 'fugly-factor' that besets a lot of open source software, but the guts of it work great. Development is really ramping up right now too: Inkscape 0.91, the first new release in years, is almost upon us.

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