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Fully commented source code/event sheet & sprites to create a space shooter game
  • UPDATE 04-MAY-2013:

    Platform Game Starter Pack V1, Now Available on Store! ;)

    <center>Platform Game Starter Pack V1 and Construct 2:



    Platform Game Starter Pack V1 Include:

    • Tiles
    • Crates
    • Animated Items
    • Doors
    • Spikes
    • Background
    • Stars
    • Platform

    More Info About Platform Game Starter Pack V1:

    Click Here


    Click Here

    Why to choose CimaWebDesign?

    • CimaWebDesign, guarantees you the best price on the market.
    • Only One License for Products (Extended License) and you can create Free or Paid Projects!
    • Best Quality.
    • 24 Hours 7 Days Online Support!
    • Let's try to improve every day!

    CimaWebDesign - Open Your Mind! ;)

    Thank You!


    FIRST POST 01-FEB-2013 (OLD):

    Hello everyone, recently we have decided to launch our "Game Starter Packs" and we are currently still working hard :)

    How many times have you wanted to make a Game for the PC or Mobile devices without success?

    Now you will not have to worry, with our Game Starter Packs and Construct 2 of Scirra you can start building your first games.

    We know that many Individual Developers can not afford huge costs to start developing.

    So we have decided to launch our Starter Packs to help all these developers with a lot of ideas but with limited funds.

    Enjoy! ;)

    <center>Click Here for more info about "Platform Game Starter Pack"


    Refers to the Version 0.6 of the pack

    This pack contains some very useful objects to begin the creation of a Platform Game like Super Mario Bros.

    All objects in this Starter Pack are in vector format and you can easily edit by opening it in any vector-based applications.

    Graphics Objects Included:

    ? 1 Player (Ice Cube)

    ? 2 Menu Object (Restart Level, Go to Menu)

    ? 2 Type of Clouds

    ? 1 Start Point

    ? 1 Finish Point

    ? 1 Bakcground

    ? 3 Type of Tiles

    ? 2 Type of Mountains

    ? 1 Type of Key Object (Star)

    ? 1 Type of Pit

    ? 1 Type of Box

    ? 1 Type of Tree

    ? 1 Type of Bush

    ? 1 Type of Fence

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  • Hey CimaWebDesign, Nice sprite set, perfect for people like me just starting out. Picked me one up :) Cant wait for the arcade game pack ;)

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  • KarnageT

    Thanks ;) currently we are working on "Arcade Starter Pack" and also on V0.7 of "Platform Game Starter Pack"; with our Starter Pack, we want to help all individual developers. Stay Tuned! ;)

  • Update:

    This offer Expires on April-22-2013 and the version 0.7 is coming soon.

    Don't miss this offer. ;)

  • This is great, I'm sure it will help out tons of programmers that are just getting started and need cost effective, complete graphics.

  • CimaWebDesign Figured I should ask are you going to add the rest of the tile types? As in corners, Upper Right/Left, Sides, etc... the only ground tiles I see are center blocks which are great for doing long stretches but nothing really for doing quality looking variations in terrain for the foreground.

    If not it is something you should consider:

    • Make your tiles more seamless. I know the gradients give them a specific style, but it also makes it very apparent where the tile seems are which can break the continuity of the game environment.
    • Make the tiles have sizes that fit common grids (32, 64, 128, 256) and square in area so they can tile more easily by using the snap to grid settings.

    -Make the classic 9 block tiles Think taking a chunk of ground and splitting it up like a tic-tac-toe board. That way you have center pieces but also have sides and corners etc... so you can make professional looking ledges, etc...

    -Jump/Fall Through tiles (thinner) like branches, thinner ground tiles, etc...


    • Multiple color/hue versions of each tile set as many of the programmers who have no graphics experience may struggle to do swatch conversions, etc... in graphics tools.
    • Tiles/Icons for generic power-ups
    • Icons/Buttons for basic movement on touchscreens (up, down, left/right, jump, etc...)

    Just some thoughts that may give you a better chance of getting some good money for your tile sets. Not trying to be critical or negative at all, just trying to give you a better chance of selling your tile sets by making them easier to use and also making them more flexible for using for larger games and projects. You have a good start, keep at it.

  • rabidsheep

    Thanks for your feedback :)


    Thanks a lot to have shared these tips with us :)

    The next version is almost ready; and yes we have added the rest of the tile types ;)

  • thanks cool pack!

  • Update:

    • We have decided to close this promotion due to piracy and illegal downloads.
    • Platform Game Starter Pack V1; Coming soon.
    • The Game Starter Packs will have "Extended License" (for Paid Game,App).
    • Of course with the lowest price on the market. ;)

    We apologize for the inconvenience,

    and all the people who bought Platform Game Starter Pack V0.6, will receive free "Platform Game Starter Pack V1".

    Thanks to all and stay tuned.

  • The problem with game graphic packs (this one included) is that they never contain characters. Only terrain.

    Most developers can create passable terrain but only very few people can draw characters and animations. Without the characters the terrain essentially becomes worthless as you will never find a character animation that fits the style of the terrain pack.

    my 2c worth.

  • czar

    Hi, thanks for your feedback, and you're absolutely right.

    Characters have an important role and our team is considering this option.

    Stay tuned.

  • CimaWebDesign I purchased when it was still only $1, am I covered to use the graphics still? I'm making a minigame that'll be free/on Scirra arcade.

  • Hi, you have a Extended License and you can distribute your project as free or paid version.

    And soon you can download the Platform Game Starter Pack V1, completely free (only for users who have purchased during the promotional period).

    Our next Game Starter Packs will have 2 licenses, Regular (for free projects) and Extended (for paid projects).

  • CimaWebDesign awesome, thanks! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • UPDATE 04-MAY-2013:

    Platform Game Starter Pack V1, is now available on our store with best price on the market!

    More info available on first page of this post:

    Click Here to go First Page

    We hope you like it, thanks to all and our special thanks to Scirra for having made Construct 2 a best 2D game development software.

    Enjoy! ;)

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