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  • Hello, I believe this is the right section to post this in since its related to resources.

    Anyways, too all the great artists and designers, what would be your tips for a more incapable artist who excels more at the academical concept of creating a game, in contrast to the creative, design side?

    Are there any good websites or videos out there that can help someone like myself learn how to do some cool basic stuff with designing sprites etc.? I have looked for myself of course and have found some cool things, but a lot of it seems way to advanced and beyond my capabilities, I could barely create a stick man running successfully.

    Basically, how can a programming noob improve his art skills a little bit?

  • Everything is simple.

    Do you know who draws better than everyone? Those one, who draws more than everyone.

    Practice, practice and little bit more practice. Draw everything and everywhere.

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  • if you are making a game, trying to be great artist right away its aiming too high. Instead, aim for what you can accomplish and looks good. No need for it to be realistic, as long as it fits with what you are trying to accomplish.

    Theres soo many references from games that use more minimalist graphics. Good luck!

  • Much appreciated guys, I will take this advice and carry on trying my best to improve my basic art skills! =]

  • 2d game art for programmers blog may get you started as well.

    http://www.2dgameartguru.com/2011/10/le ... rcles.html

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