Question about animation softwares to use with C2

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm completely new to "puppet" animation in Construct 2. Up to now I've nearly always made my sprites in Photoshop and exported them as full images.

    I would like to know about the other options. Many people are talking about Spriter on these forums, which seem to be a nice program. If I'm correct, however, despite the ability to create puppet animation in Spriter, the software ALSO exports as image sequences. I mean, there is no way to export your separate animated parts into construct 2, and have them move the same way automatically, right?

    So it's basically just a help to create your animation, it will not make your animation lighter by allowing you to make a 150 frame idle pose be as light as a 1 frame idle-pose. Am I correct?

    Is there a workflow which allows you to create your puppet animation outside of Construct 2 and importing it into Construct 2 without having an image sequence? (not talking about "hard coding" it in construct with behaviors and such)

    One last question, are there alternatives to Spriter which work as well or better, even if they are more expensive? I'm thinking about ToonBoom, Spine and such software, but I have no idea what Spriter do better than those. Any idea?

    Thanks for any help!

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  • Hi,

    I personally use Fireworks. It's a great mix between pixel and vector. So if you use vector based a lot and want also the freedom of pixels Fireworks is not a bad choice (e.g. includes onion skinning, ...).

    Ssad part is - the stopped developing it. For me it's great because it's included in the Adobe Master Collection and I prefer it over Photoshop, and a lot of the times over Illustrator (but that's maybe only me, because I used it since the early Macromedia days).

  • You can use " Creature2D " is a really good software for animation , Rojohound made ​​a port to run with construct 2 but still in beta and you do not need to use a lot of sprites

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  • Yes, you can do that with the Spriter PlugIn. Go to the website there are tons of vids on Spriter and C2

  • Oh indeed, I found this : ... onstruct-2

    Seems like it is possible to do the puppet animation and import it as such directly into Construct 2! Now it makes sense to me why everyone uses spriter with C2.


  • i would say that spriter is for a good price that can export pngs of the animations, animation sequences and even animations trough spriters plugin dirrectly into C2. Its probably the plugin and simple animation for good price that makes spriter unique. Its good to take a look at the official video tutorials. Spriter can be also used for making fast ingame custom characters with smooth animations trough few images. Another neat thing is that you can actually use spriter for creating complex animated object like a fireball that moves in spiral way or imagine a trap that would otherwise be tricky to make move trough events. Other programs dont have this advantage and can only export full png frames but may have easyer process of animating for now.

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