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  • I'm looking for some punching man sprites for a possible running man game. It would be nice to find both punching and 'being punched' sprites. I'm not look for heroes or kung fu type fighters but rather just regular looking guys. Anyone seen anything like this?

  • Maybe you can use these as a base to create yours.

    Remove the brackets.


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  • Thanks for the suggestion. It would be a start but I would prefer to find something without a cape or mask. I am not a designer and have almost no artistic ability. The premise of the game I have in mind requires all the fighters to look as much like ordinary people as possible. It would also be nice if they were vector graphics so I could resize them as necessary. The characters need to be able to 'punch' each other and facial expressions would be a nice touch. Has anyone seen a game like this just so I can see how someone else dealt with a similar scenario?

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