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  • Need some advice for a good program or programs to create/edit sounds.

    What do you use?


  • I'm not a huge sound guy but I used Audacity recently.

  • Audacity is great. I even prefer it over Adobe Audition for simple editing. I recommend finding free sfx around the net, and then just play around with them until they sound how you want.

  • While I agree with the others on Audacity, I'd also recommend FL Studio (demo version). It has some high-quality reverb and some plugins (granular synthesis, additive synthesis) that you can't find in Audacity, although it's not an audio editor as such.

    With that said, I'm way more familiar with FL than I am with Audacity, so I could be wrong on that note.

  • Need some advice for a good program or programs to create/edit sounds.

    It depends on how deep you want to go.

    An easy accessible tool surely is Audacity.

    I prefer Wavosaur over Audacity, because it's a bit more flexible.

    And just like TheBen recommends FL Studio, I also have a non-audio-editor recommendation. Cockos Reaper probably is the most versatile tool for all things audio. Among other highlights, their excellent timestretch- and pitchshift-algorithm integration also makes it very interesting for game audio. Plus, the complete and uncrippled full version has a 60 day evaluation period.

    In short: quick and easy = Audacity/Wavosaur, hot and spicy = FL Studio/Reaper

  • anything retro I use -

  • Had, to share this. FMOD Studio audio content creation tool is FREE.

    From site: FMOD Studio is an audio content creation tool for games, with a focus on a ‘Pro Audio’ approach. It has an entirely new interface that will be more familiar to those using professional Digital Audio Workstations than existing game audio tools and is loaded with new features.

    Apparently they made it free to Indie game dev's with projects under 100,000.

    You can download it here :

  • Audacity is great because it's free... although not exactly user friendly for the audio novice. But there are some cool plugins for it like PaulStretch. Make sure to watch Youtube How-To videos.

  • Thanks for all replies

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  • tulamide

    Thank's for the info.

    What about Sony vegas?

  • Thank's for the info.

    What about Sony vegas?

    Sorry for the late reply. Sony Vegas is a video editing suite, so using it as a simple sound editor would be a bit over the top, I'd say

  • never heard of Sony vegas, i use audacity too like someone said.

    you have a lot of tutorials on youtube with audacity, and they are great. it's also a free program, so you're not under any license if you go commercial. ( i think)

    edit: i checked, you can freely use it for anything (commercial or non commercial)

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