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Over 1700 16x16 pixel art RPG icons for item and skills
  • Hey guys,

    Just letting you know about our new site

    It is a subscription based game graphics library aimed at indie developers. For $29.95 you get 6 months of access to our current library of graphics plus all additions and updates for the duration of your subscription.

    The first group of graphics has been loaded into the website and we are still in the process of adding more. Any suggestions of assets you would like to see are very much welcome and the system will detect common searches that return no results and forward these on to the development team for review.



  • Hey guys,

    Just a quick update. We are currently fixing a few bugs with the search.



  • Excuse my triple post, but I thought this would be better than making a new thread for this update.

    We have changed the entire site to be focused on graphic sets rather than individual sprites.

    Please check out our new site and let me know if you have any recommendations!

    Thanks :)


  • Don't know if it's my browser or noscript or what, but it's slooooooow to load each time I click a link. And no previews?

  • Hello,

    Hmm, the load time seems to be fine for me. The system does dynamically watermark all of the images, so maybe that's causing slow load times. I will have a look at what type of caching is going on.

    In regards to previews, do you mean:

  • I can see the placeholders for the previews but no preview.

    Not sure it's wise to slow the site down with watermarking if that's what's causing the slow speed.

    I'll try it on other browsers later when I get the chance and will let you know how I fair.

  • This looks pretty interesting. So are the assets that are there everything at the moment? Or is there more?

    What's on the road map for the next set of sprites?

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  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for checking out the site. Once I get back into work on Monday, I'll have a talk to the other devs about the load speed and see what we can come up with.

    EyeHawk, We have a few other sprites that still need to be added, however, we wanted to see how the community reacts to the price we've set and to what we currently offer. On Monday, I'm also going to add a suggestion form, maybe even a voting page for the next set of graphics. We have some ideas of what we might make next, but it makes more sense to ask what people want.



  • My vote is for top down zombies with animations ... brainszzz!!! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I think $29 is way too steep for 12 graphics. There aren't enough assets in any of them to create a full game, either.

    If those are the only graphics available right now, I'd say kickstarter or an "early adopter" program would be the way to go. Maybe $29 for lifetime access for the first X people?

  • I think $29 is way too steep for 12 graphics. There aren't enough assets in any of them to create a full game, either.

    If those are the only graphics available right now, I'd say kickstarter or an "early adopter" program would be the way to go. Maybe $29 for lifetime access for the first X people?


    Thanks for the feedback. We set our price to be very competitive and I don't think we can reduce it any further or we will end up losing money. In regards to a lifetime plan, we'd be a bit uncomfortable offering that, but we could make it 12 months for the first few signups?

    Also, is it better for you guys if we have less sets, but more sprites in each set making it easier to create a full game?

    Please keep in mind that the more signups we can get, the more graphics we can produce. We're not looking at turning a profit at this stage.



  • For me personally, less sets which have more in them will be much more useful. It's reasonably easy to find sprites around the place for free, but they're always partially done.

    Kickstarter is actually a good option - Eldon Harris made this Indie Games Builder Bundle, and was able to raise way more than he asked for. I think your assets look better as well. This would be a good way to test the market and see what interest is there before you expend too much effort as well.

    If that's not an option for you in my opinion $29 is not at all expensive. If you can make complete sprite sets then I'll be one of your first customers. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I appreciate the idea, and I'd definitely be willing to pay to sustain a group of artists churning out content 24/7, but there are a number of problems with your current system.

    I will begin by breaking down item by item - please don't take this as an offence, I'd love for you guys to succeed and I would love to become a client.

    1. Ninja character: Only one attack animation, jump animation too stiff, graphic style would need to be the same in all other assets in order to make a game out of this, ninjas are too "naruto" with the headbands, there is no "classic" ninja that would be compatible. Here is a more usable ninja, though with some animation problems as well.
    2. Weapons/tools/items: Don't know how easy it is to change colors, style is inconsistent with the rest of the graphics (switched to pixel art instead of vector), gold looks like copper, there isn't enough differentiation. Here are some swords with more variation, though with the same problem of being hard to change colors.
    3. Pixel RPG Houses: Some are simply recolors or have one or two items swapped around. Why not give us individual elements so we can make our own, then? Also:
      • They only have one style, modern suburbs - what about apartments, offices, a bank, park, mall, police station?
      • They are inconsistent with your other RPG sets
      As is, someone could probably make a dating sim, but it's a stretch.
    4. Premium pokemon tileset: What makes this "pokemon"? Why is there a zombie? Also, many tiles required to make this a full game are missing, since there is only one terrain type: grasslands
    5. Poker & Card Set: Only one you could make a game out of, though you could find many options for card faces, backgrounds, chips and table in other sites.
    6. Tower Defense Set: Unusable. Only 4 towers, no animations, once someone used those, all others would be called "clones" or "ripoffs". Stick to generic or reusable art, it's better to hire someone to do specific stuff.
    7. Public Pokemon Tileset: Again, what makes this pokemon specific? When you say things like this, it looks like you ripped them off the latest pokemon ROM.
    8. Soldiers: Can't move the arms up or down, as one might in a twin stick shooter. There is no "hit", "jump" or "duck" animation. Might also want some terrorists, other camo colors (green), maybe some soviet lookalikes?
    9. Platformer Tileset: Extremely incomplete. I could maybe make one level, but that's it. Also, it isn't properly 9-sliced, which would make the ground look blocky, rendering the smoothed corners moot.
    10. RPG Tileset Vector: Extremely incomplete, no animation for water, some transitions missing (earth<->cracked earth, earth<->sand, sand<->grass, etc), incompatible with your pokemon tileset.
    11. RPG Tile Overlays: Extremely incomplete (forest only), most elements are just recolors/repositionings, incompatible with your pokemon tileset
    12. RPG Item Set: Incomplete, random mishmash of items. Maybe make a collection for books, other for gems, other for magic items, other for weapons? Incompatible with your weapons/tools/items/armor pack.

    Also, I noticed some items are not your own creations. Do you have authorization to sell them? Even if you do, it isn't displayed clearly. Your licensing information is also not present.

    In addition, and I think this is the worst problem for your pricing scheme, it's better for me to hold off, wait for other suckers to pay, wait for you to make a ton of graphics, then pay once, download all graphics, and maybe even make a torrent somewhere - what's stopping me, and what's encouraging people to keep renewing?

  • I agree with Fimbul that you have to rethink your business model. As much as I want you guys to do well, and aside from the problems Fimbul has pointed out, I don't think that this is financially sustainable for you. It may be better to generate the sprites and then do a one-off sale, on the whole lot or on sets much like or some other places.

  • I also agree with fimbul. And thank you Fimbul for those comprehensive tips and suggestions . Creating full sets for games are much better than just making a few sprites for a particular genre. That is why i am holding back and giving away some off my sprites for free in the meantime. Create full packs where the buyer won't have the need to get any extra stuff to create a full game.

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