Any way to make a PNG image using a tilemap?

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  • So, I want to "premade" some structures using a tilemap,

    my idea is to draw this structures using the tilemap and export them as single png files,

    then use them as normal sprites.

    Why do this?

    Because I don't know how to "program" random structures (well I do, but not structures that make sense, considering edges and so on) using Construct.

    And I do want the stage to be somehow random generated, If I do 50 little structures, import them as frames on a Sprite then its easy to change frames using random.

    The problem is that I don't know if a software to use tiles and export the result as a .png file even exist.

    If so, please tell me, or just give me a better idea to solve my problem hehe,

    thanks in advice for your help.

  • Nevermind, I'll just use Unity,

    easier to do with C# and Prefabs.

    Close the topic please

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  • Or just download Tiled (, which lets you layer and export tile-based images as PNGs.

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