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  • Hello Angryfly, I'm attempting to contact you regarding using your work but can't work out how to do that via your Turbosquid page where I'll be making my purchases. Hopefully I can find you this way.

    My project is a boardgame and hence a 2D one, not the more traditional 3D format you'll be used to seeing your work in. I'm self funding the game although if it ever reaches the stage where I can try and publish it, that would be an ideal scenario. I like a lot of the 3D models you and others have created and am currently purchasing such work from Turbosquid and CGTrader etc to employ in the game. The problem for me is I'm not proficient in 3D modelling although I've downloaded Blender and am trying to get to grips with it. One big advantage I see with utilising your work is the fact you have preview files available to view your work on Trurbosquid. So I'd like to know if purchasing the license to use any given model would also grant me the right to use the preview jpeg file of that particular model? I also like the 360 degree preview option available with which one can view the models from multiple angles. So I'd also like to know if having purchased the license for a given model, would it also be ok to use the likeness of that model garnered from this rotating option or even from where you've done this in a You Tube clip?

    I should stress that I would only be doing this for models I'd paid in full for, not any other of your work. As I have in mind using mostly fighters and buildings from your body of work (the game not being so much about capitol ship combat) such images gained this way would be scaled down to a fairly small size, (ie fighters would be mounted on a counter between 10mm and 15mm squared, less than half inch sq so the loss in resolution doing things this way shouldn't be a problem). Would this be ok by you?

    I'm hoping it won't be a big problem if this isn't acceptable to you, as I do intend getting up to speed with Blender over time. Doing things the above way might just be useful in getting me under way more quickly and efficiently.

    If you'd rather respond to me directly, my email address is otherwise I hope to hear back from you via this site at your convenience.

    Thanks, regards Neil.

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