Pixly Pixel Art Editor "On the Go" for Android

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  • Ordinarily I would not post something like this, but Pixly is just too good to NOT post here.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... ixly&hl=en

    A free Android pixel art editor that is actually worth using:

    • layers
    • time line for animation (simple but effective)
    • proper drawing tools
    • control view (zooming and panning) and brush size with touch
    • custom grid setup
    • colour effects (replace, mix, invert, hue/saturation/brightness shift, blur, grayscale, tint edges)
    • mirror function (both while drawing, and as a function)
    • spritesheet export and import
    • (custom) colour palettes and manager. Comes with NES and Master System defaults.
    • brush editor with anti-aliasing options
    • dithering options for fill
    • pattern stamp
    • gradient tool (with dithering options)
    • realtime image tiling
    • only 3mb, and just wants access to your media card!

    and much more! Check it out. I was pleasantly surprised.

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  • Just chiming in that this is a great piece of software for game design on the go. The tiling feature is very useful. The dev is also really responsive I made a couple of suggestions in a post he made on reddit and he had them implemented and a new version out in a couple of days. It's looking to be the most full featured pixel editor/animator on android for sure. Prior to this I was using the curiously titled "Let's 8-Bit art" for my art/animations which is pretty great too - but Pixly looks like it will blow it out of the water.

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