Pixel.Tools editor with peer to peer collaboration features

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  • Check it out at http://www.pixel.tools/

    Pixel.Tools is also on Github https://github.com/prominentdetail/Pixel.Tools

    I developed this pixel-art editor for the pixel community a while back, it's free to use.

    It has many features you'd expect from an editor geared towards pixel-art.

    The main feature is its ability to allow artists to connect together and work on the same projects, useful for things like gamejams, mentoring, or just having fun collaborating.

    • create animations
    • export/import gifs & spritesheets
    • tile window for previewing tiles
    • layers/frames
    • selection tools, rotating, resizing
    • History
    • shortcut keys similar to photoshop
    • wacom tablet support (firefox only)
    • Your entire process is recorded and you can play it back step by step
    • You can export the entire process to a gif
    • Colordex system

    The Colordex system I created when I was inspired by the hd index painting technique. It allows you do draw in the same way that the hd index painting works, but without the hassle of setting it up. Plus it allows you to mix multiple color ramps together!

    Here's a gif showing me scribbling with the Colordex system:

    Plus there's a lot more you can do..

    I used the editor to create all the graphics in my recently released game Quasi

    http://prominent.itch.io/quasi and is a good example of what can be made with Pixel.Tools

    Here's an old screenshot of the editor:

    Edit: here's a video demonstration of how to use the Colordex system:


    Here's a quick run-through of some features:


    If you have any question as to how to use it, etc, I'll be happy to help clear anything up.

  • Pretty cool, I'm also making an editor (in my sig), but quite different from yours. Will take a closer look, some ideas may be useful and/or it could be used to build a retro tileset.

    Also bought your game yesterday, should share thoughts soon. First impressions are quite positive, but there's no saving?

  • I saw your editor, it looks pretty neat. Seems like yours would be simple to use. Mine requires a bit more of a learning curve I think, since the tools are more pixel level, so it's more suited to people who have experience with drawing applications. It's not easy getting others to try something different if they already have tools that do the job, but I think this editor offers some unique features that can come in handy at times. But yea, feel free to check it out and look around, etc.

    btw, I replied to your feedback in other thread.

  • It's not easy getting others to try something different if they already have tools that do the job

    This is the biggest issue with making any tools I suspect - we all have our preferences and ideas on how things should work, look, etc. If you basically make something very close to the greats of an industry that always helps, but it doesn't always work with a given project.

    This app is mega-slow on my modest home system so I might give it another go at work tomorrow.

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  • Slow in what way?

  • Basically with any bigger brush it lags down to like 0.25 fps or so. You drag the mouse, then nothing and then suddenly the stroke appears.

  • Somebody , yeah that is normal. Manipulating pixels on a canvas element is a slow process, so using a large brush will take more time, hence the lag. The editor is meant for pixel-art, which generally doesn't require large brush sizes. If your intent isn't to make pixel-art, then there are a lot more appropriate applications than this to use.

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