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  • The new version is out! This is a milestone release, with workflow improvements accross the board, and many new features such as:

    • placeholder layers to place external content. These update in realtime when changes are made to the external file;
    • a new colour to transparency adjustment layer (think unmultiply black, or any other colour!)
    • dehaze filter
    • wipe effect layer
    • variable width stroke options (wacom support)
    • guide creator for easy grids and column/row setups. Guides can now be set to a formula!
    • spot colours and overprint options;
    • improved stamp (clone) tool

    See for all the improvements. A more exhaustive list of all the smaller changes and improvements can be found here:


    Photoline is an image editor which provides a mostly non-destructive professional workflow. Full vector editing is also integrated. Its image editing is on par with Photoshop.

    Photoline is compatible with most common Photoshop plugins, such as Topaz, NIK, and FilterForge, and loads Photoshop compatible brush and gradient libraries.

    • 32 & 64bit versions, Mac and Windows. Fully Linux WINE compatible.
    • 8/16/32bit per channel / RGB, CMYK, Lab, greyscale & monochrome
    • Color management with ICC profiles and linear workflow
    • all functions, adjustments, effects, filters, layers and masks work with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit images (full 16bit support unlike Photoshop which operates in 15bit)
    • 47 available adjustment layers
    • 18 available layer styles
    • a layer in the layer stack can be any image mode and bit depth
    • layer masks are regular layers, and may consist of multiple combined layers & groups(!)
    • layer opacity from -200 up to +200 for easy inversion of blend effects or doubling an effect
    • convert bitmaps to vector layers
    • vector layers can be anti-aliased, and be aligned to the pixel grid. Photoline also offers a pixel view
    • develop photos with a non-destructive RAW workflow
    • retouching tools such as a remove brush, liquify, and many more
    • PSD import retains most common adjustment layers & layer effects
    • Import & export multi-layered 32bpc EXR files
    • non-destructive rotate & scale
    • external app link for easy round tripping
    • rename images and create catalogs
    • powerful image management: search, edit IPTC & EXIF data
    • true PDF import & export with /x1a & /x3
    • multi-page documents
    • rich text & DTP functionality, spot colors
    • web export, including WebP, image maps & GIF animations
    • batch conversion
    • record actions
    • print multi-page documents, flyers & labels
    • portable app on a USB-Stick support
    • multiprocessor support
    • Linux WINE compatible with LittleCMS colour management option for improved compatibility; tested and supported by the developers
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  • Just upgraded:) Been using PL since v14. Inedible value for my money. I really don't understand why poor indie devs are wasting money on PS when they can get PL for under 1/10 of the price.

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