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  • Hi everybody!

    Made a little tool in Construct itself - it makes learning the particle tool easier by allowing realtime control of almost all the parameters. You do need to type them in, but it's still easier than changing the settings, starting a layout, exiting, rinsing, repeating.

    <img src="">

    Anyhow, it's a .83 cap. I might add togglable one-shot options and the other fade types as well. Depends on feedback - if anyone needs it.

    Grab it here:


    You rock!

  • Nice tool


    You rock!

    Hehe, thanks!

    Nice tool

    Well, more time for more worthy projects for him I guess

    Btw - so far it seems like the Speed randomization which is at 1000 by default does nothing? Also the color fade time seems to have no effect (in 83)? Could that be right?

    Will try to improve it to have ALL the options from the Particle object soon.

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  • Brilliant Idea!

    Only 1 word comes to mind for improvement.


  • Brilliant Idea!

    Only 1 word comes to mind for improvement.


    And not the whitecastle kind!

  • Sliders

    Argh, sliders are annoying to implement. Doable, though. Still, they take up screen estate and generally must have limits. Will think about it.

    A cool thing to have would be to spawn a particle object in the editor with your current settings which could be copied out, but I guess that's quite impossible.

  • Instead of sliders, just use two buttons - decrement and increment value. The longer you hold them, the faster they should decrement/increment the value. Should be much easier to implement than sliders, because for sliders you have to have a min and max value, which particles don't really have defined

  • Well, yeah, but then it's events for two buttons, timed events, etc. In a way sliders could be much simpler. Although both should be unified and just use a function or something, so once it's figured out it's smooth sailing from there.

    Got some ideas, will try to implement.

  • Just use a knob. Still more than one event, but it can all be contained within subevents.

  • Can you upload a .exe? Mysteriously, in my computer, I can't open .cap files.

  • looks nice

  • Awesome. This is going to save people a lot of time and probably result in a lot of new effects that we wouldn't normally have tried.

  • Can you upload a .exe? Mysteriously, in my computer, I can't open .cap files.

    What about save the .cap file, and open it in with Construct.

  • I have downloaded it but when I try to open it with construct version 0.99.84 and I run it, appears on my screen a windows xp message where it says that a problem have ocurried and application must be closed.

    so could you upload a .exe file of your particle studio or could you try to fix it?


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