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  • Hi together, I've designed that little tool in order to ease the C2 Particle Plug-In parameter selection. If you have some suggestions about optimization, they are welcome. If you do some modifications of the CAPX, please just share them with everyone and let me know.

    Particle Control Center


  • Looks great man!

    Some suggestions:

    1.- Add input boxes to enter data faster.

    i.e.: Try setting Spray Cone to 360.

    2.- Its buggy trying to a Spray Cone bigger than 109, because clicking on the arrows also turns off the particles.

    3.- Move the particle spawners. Right now you can't see a particle over 180 because the bottom 180 are hidden

  • Make bigger the On/Off particle buttons at the bottom, they are hard to hit.

  • Hei, thanks for your feedback. Changes done, use the same links in the first post.

    Faster input was already provided by the mouse wheel - try to rotate it over the properties, i.e. Spray Cone step is then 5 deg. It is working for every property with a reasonable step. Sorry for not giving a clue about that anywhere on the page.

    Actually I'm missing the Tooltip option for mouse over a Sprite (and I'm a bit ashamed because too lazy to implement it from scratch). Actually this option exists for mouse over a Button.

    ON-OFF feature improved, now it is working properly. I don't need to resize the buttons, because you can now click everywhere on a particle spray to turn it on or off, including the small button on the bottom of course.

  • Two changes:

    1.- Updated degrees and speed with input boxes.

    2.- Gave more space to particles, made window area bigger (800x600).


    With these changes the up and down arrows are unnecessary.

    Maybe later I'll take them out, if that's ok man.

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  • Dude, you are welcome to adapt the CAPX to your needs. That was the reason, why I have shared it. Thanks for sharing it back.

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