New Scirra Store: Free Giveaway codes for few months

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Fully commented source code/event sheet & sprites to create a space shooter game
  • Hi

    We create 3D and 2D assets and game packs. Our packs are not made just for construct 2 but can be used in other game engines as well like torque, unity, unreal and we are trying to create all in HD, even upcoming sprite animations.

    You can check them on Behance portfolio or here on scirra forums


    We will be giving few free redeem codes for coming months in celebration of the new Scirra store.

    In return we need some feedback on our packs from everyone, like the quality of the pack, price and what other assets you would like to see in the store?

    We are also creating ebooks on game designing, so what kind of tutorials you would like to see in the store as well?

    So for this month, here are are the first 5 redeem codes: for the Zombie Splash Screen rendered in 3D and photoshop. ... t-3d-bg-97






    Hope you all like it.

    Redeem here

  • Thanks.

    I claimed the first code: 9JYP-JSKF-NHEU-ZA3E-85PV

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  • OddConfection Great. Do let us know how you like it and what kind of assets you would like in future: 2D or 3D or both.

  • Thanks! Keep up the good work! Okay, I think more GUI huds and character sprites must in the store!

  • I have created a character sprite of Knight, but I am not able to upload it on scirra store, its about 400 mb and is not uploading after 4 %.

    Check here


    remove the brackets from www

  • All of the graphics packs look great! But I don't see a price on any.

  • The prices are put on the first image of all the packs on behance with a buy this button, you can click on that to go to scirra store or gamedevmarket store.

    I have also put them up as bundles for much less, check here [https://www.]




  • So a new month started and we are giving away codes for another pack. It is an exclusive pack, so we are giving only 3 codes for now and maybe will give 2 later this month.


    B2BH-Y2H4-QCA3-YND7-TQRT [Claimed]

    YB55-R2C3-RFGK-YB77-3TAM [Claimed]


    Hope you all like it.

    Redeem here

    Plus we have 2 new cartoon vector characters added to the store, imported into Spriter ready for animation.



  • I used the first code (B2BH-Y2H4-QCA3-YND7-TQRT). Thanks

  • hey famekrafts,

    i got the 3. code :5XNW-YXMJ-VWFV-NHPU-SGWT

    thanks alot!!

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