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  • I'm attempting to compile a list of resources for new game developers. I found that when I started this hobby I ran into a lot of trouble finding good resources. I found a lot of the standard recommendations, like OpenGameArt and whatnot. I'd like to start a more comprehensive list for people though, something for new people to have a reference to.

    I have a growing list here:

    I'm looking for:

    -graphic assets

    -music and sound assets

    -free programs

    -places to post games

    -communities for game developers

    -good blogs


    I'd like recommendations for all the normal stuff, but other less recommended or know about stuff to. I intend to keep this list as updated as possible. I really appreciate any help and recommendations anyone gives.

  • Posted it in another thread but here are a few

    Camstudio (opensource/ free) Screen recording

    Microsoft Expression Design is vector base and also free. I bounce back between this and Inkscape.

    Microsoft Expression Encoderis screen capturing/video editor and i think is great and also was made free

    And if your a voice actor Screaming Bee Morphvox is great for $40

  • Excellent! Thank you. I'll add these in. I've used Camstudio but never even new Expression Design and Encoder existed.

  • For game developers who are just starting and have created a company (LLC, etc...) you can apply for Microsoft BizSpark () and if accepted you get ALL of Microsoft Software for Free for 3 years for your company. That included the fees for the Microsoft Marketplaces (Win8/WP8) as well and Windows Azure (cloud computing, storage, etc...). We joined about a month after forming our LLC. You must have a website and be an officially registered company though to do it. Also have info on your site about what your company does and any projects you are working on.

  • Also of course:

    Spriter () (Animation tools that work with C2 $25 currently for the Pro version)

    InkScape (Free Graphics app)

    GIMP (Free Graphics App)

    Adobe Creative Cloud ($50 a month with 1 year minimum requirement) gets you ALL of adobes software.

    (Free Graphics for games)

  • Also can't believe I forgot this!!

    LMMS(free great alternative to FLStudio)

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  • Thanks for adding my site, soundimage, to your list under music. I really appreciate it!

    If you're curious, it's up to about 160 pieces now and growing.

    Thanks again,


  • Sweet! Thanks guys.

    I'm going to create an extra resource section to the list and add the BizSpark stuff and Adobe stuff there. I'm focusing as much as possible on free things, or very affordable. The adobe deal is very affordable. BizSpark has a bit of a curve because of needing a business but it's worth to mention. Dreamspark for students would also be worth a mention to for the same deal.

    I'll add in the other stuff to. LMMS I've never heard of so that's awesome! For whatever reason I completely forgot about Spriter. That's more than worth while. I added Gimp, Inkscape, and Kenny.NL.

    Eric Matyas

    No problem. Of course I want to add the easily findable stuff like OpenGameArt and stuff. I also want to add the more eclectic stuff that's harder to find, is free, and looks like it'll be there a while. That includes assets, apps, articles, blogs, how-tos, ect... It might be information overload for a new person looking into it as a hobby, but I want to offer as many resources as possible.

  • Also PyxelEDIT have a limited free version and then pro is like $10.

  • Thanks for sharing mepis, some great stuff in there. Well worth a look.

  • Thanks GenkiGenga, I intend for this to be an ongoing list that can added to as I find stuff or stuff is suggested, and hopefully audited once every six months or so.

  • Okay, I've updated the list with all the suggestions thus far. Keep them coming folks, I really appreciate the help.

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